1. The snail is well-made and sturdy — it has held up pretty well through so, so many times of being dropped down, instead of set down, by our toddler. The dowel connecting the snail house did break a few months ago, though I attribute that to being dropped lots over the course of a couple of days. We were able to fix that with a new dowel piece — that’s one of the things I love about wooden toys, you can fix them if they break! Our toddler was anxiously awaiting the snail being repaired and asked about it every day until it was put together again.

    I wouldn’t have thought that a simple pull toy would be played with so much and for so long, so I would definitely highly recommend this for babies and toddlers.

  2. This toy is well made and designed to last. More expensive than similar plastic toys but a good value for a nice traditional made toy that can last through heavy toddler use and probably can be handed down or donated through a few toddlers before it eventually needs to be replaced

  3. The best aspect of this is that if it flips over, it still work. Perfect for a 1 year old who’s walking.

  4. I am a huge fan of snails and this pull along toy is adorable. It moves a bit more like an inch worm due to the design, but that is still cute. The wood seems to be a good quality and the paint decent. A couple of things I would keep an eye out for with your young children though is the possibilty of pinches, choking and breaking things. It’s definitely a “play together with mom or dad” toy. The rope is long, which is why I would say it’s a little risky for choking. The joints could easily pinch a finger. With the long rope, both of my kids have felt the urge to swing the toy around, and it does hit things with force. So, while I highly recommend this toy at any age, I thought I would warn about the potential hazards that could happen, although not highly likely that they will.

  5. it is frustration-free for little ones. If it is on its side, it immediately rights itself as soon as he begins to pull it. And it works equally well upside down and right side up, so if he switches directions as he walks, it just keeps inching along. I love giving classic, well made toys that don’t require batteries!

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