1. This is the cutest rainbow car! When you push it down with your hand it pops right back up. The colors are adorable & it glides seamlessly across the floor. Our 2.5yr old loves it!

  2. Love that this car is made out of wood and soft colors. The elastic gives the car a fun bounce and it’s fun to make the wood clap together. A perfect sized toy for baby!

  3. So happy to have finally found a wooden car toy without any paint or sharp edges for my baby to play with. It’s fun, makes a nice clacky noise and rolls super smoothly. My little guy loves it!

  4. So cute, we have several plantoys, they are a great brand. I love that the pieces are all connected by an elastic string so when my daughter pushes down the car flattens, just one more thing to keep her attention/curiosity longer

  5. This is a cute little toy. The rubber banded construction gives the car a wiggle as it rolls. I find it cute and appealing. The colors are happy.

  6. we got this car for our baby when she was about 7 months old. she is now 11 months and it is a great toy to practice push and throw. the car is flexible like an accordion, which makes it very easy to use for her. this is one of the toys that lasts.

  7. Super cute, great quality and my little one loves to play with this and try to follow it around (he is in the pre-crawling stage)

  8. Such an adorable high quality toy. Love that it is big enough for baby to grip and flex and tough enough to endure when it’s played with roughly! The colors are vibrant and the finishing makes the wood so soft and smooth. Highly recommend for your lil ones first vroom vroom!

  9. Easy to use, easy to clean, fun toy!

  10. this little car is so well designed , it is very attractive and colourful, and looks natural. It is easy to get hold of and play with, the wheels turn smoothly and the top parts move together and apart to add an interest, it has a satisfying feel to it.

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