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Tough, Durable, Built to Last
Wheelybugs are crafted from sustainably sourced Poplar plywood, and are designed to withstand years of being ridden, pushed, pulled, kissed and cuddled. Their padded bodies are covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid that can be easily wiped down for a good clean; and are equipped with non-rust aluminium handle bars for better stability and durability.  

Ergonomically Designed for Full Comfort and Usability
Every Wheelybug ride-on is designed with carefully rounded countours that are meant to make long hours of use comfortable; with no sharp edges that might prove to be hazardous during play. Unlike most ride-ons, it also features 360-degree castor wheels that offer easy manoeuvrability and limitless mobility, as little riders can steer themselves in any direction - forwards, backwards, sideways, or even round and round - without getting stuck in corners. These excellent quality wheels are rated at 25kg each, giving a safe working load of 120kg. 

A Strong Commitment to Safety
Wheelybugs adhere to some of the strictest toy safety directives in the world, including EN71 (Europe), ASTM (USA), as well as AS/NZS ISO (Australia and New Zealand). During these tests the Wheely Bug has to prove it will not tip over, ignite or smolder, have bits break off or become unstable during foreseeable use and abuse. All materials are tested for migration of elements (i.e. no harmful chemicals are present and /or accessible to little hands and mouths); and this includes the testing for substances such as lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, and many more.

All batches of leatheroid are also tested for hamful chemicals; and in addition, the Wheelybug factory also conducts an incoming material quality control as well as quality inspections at each and every production phase. Before shipping, a final quality control report is compiled where a random 5% across an entire order is unpacked and thoroughly inspected and tested.

Excellent Gross Motor Development Aid
Wheelybugs are fantastic for developing spatial awareness and coordination of movement. It encourages little riders to utilize and strengthen their lower limb muscles, as they push themselves forward using their feet. The chunky easy-to-grip handle bar often sees the Wheelybug being doubled up as a push toy, when babies or toddlers are taking their first faltering steps and require support from a sturdy, movable object.

Award-winning Ride On Trusted by Schools and Parents Worldwide
Wheelybugs have won numerous awards over the years, including Play Matters Good Toy Award (US), Mother & Baby Award (UK), & I.T.S.A Good Toy Best Toy Award (Australia); and even the Practical Pre-School Gold Award (UK), a seal of approval by childcare professionals that rewards excellence in product design, development and suitability across the early years, pre-school and childcare sectors. it is because of its sheer ability to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play that Wheelybugs are often the go-to choice for kindgergartens, indoor playgrounds, and childcare centres around the world. 

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