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SES CREATIVE      |     8 years & up

Learn to build working circuits in a safe and structured environment! Take a good look at the blueprints, then connect the various components together. Does the LED light turn on? Why, or why not? Why do some materials conduct electricity and others don't?

• Developed and manufactured in Holland.
• A safe but challenging introduction to electronics.
• Cultivates interest in Science.
• Fosters hands-on learning through play.
• An excellent Science teaching aid for older kids.
• Blueprints designed with varying levels of complexity, providing a progressive learning journey for budding electrical enginners

An exciting hands-on home experiment kit that challenges kids to to discover, question, and learn just how much electrical circuits encompasses our everyday lives.

Set includes: 6 blueprints, red and green LEDs, 1 battery holder, 1 malleable candle, yellow clay, 2 paper clips, 2 split pins, 1 pencil, set of instructions

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Product Code 14508
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Dimension Approx. 30 x 6 x 20 cm (packaging)
Age 8 YEARS & UP
Brand SES Creative
Assembly Not required
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