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PAPO      |     3 years & up

[Video Credit: SpinoDude Reviews]

Realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are what set PAPO's Dinosaurs ahead of the rest. Each figurine is hand painted and manufactured according to strict EN-71 specifications; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism.

The quintessential piece of any dino collection, this Apatosaurus figurine spans a whopping 46cm long; and is considered the 'longest' PAPO dinosaur to date. It is finely sculpted with a thick, leathery appearance and tiny, peg-like teeth; and does a fine job at recreating its original counterpart as reflected in fossil records. Definitely one that will delight all dino enthusiasts!


• The Apatosaurus suffers from an identity crisis of epic proportions. Even today, many people only know this amazing animal as the Brontosaurus, a name that was discarded 111 years ago. (Also, scientifically, there is no such thing as a Brontosaurus.)

• In July 2014, a team led by the Museum of Western Colorado finished unearthing a record-shattering Apatosaurus femur. It is now suspected that this magnificent specimen could have measured up to 24m in length when existent.

• The Flintstones' pet dinosaur, Dino, was described as an Apatosaurus. (Unfortunately, Fred Flintstone was also known to eat Bronto-burgers).

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Dimension Approx. 45 x 5.5 x 13.2 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
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