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PAPO      |     3 years & up

[Video Credit: JurassicCollectables]

Realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are what set PAPO's Dinosaurs ahead of the rest. Each figurine is hand painted and manufactured according to strict EN-71 specifications; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism.

No stranger to detailing, Papo accurately reflects the short-necked stature of this Sauropod, dispelling the age-old myth that Amargasauruses were built with long necks. It stands at close to 24cm in length nevertheless, and is dressed with an interesting light brown tan with red stripes on the back. The Amargasaurus also features an accurate horseshoe-shaped arrangement of digits and a single claw for its front feet, with a long shapely tail with a beautiful whip-like appearance.


• Discovered in 1984, the Amargasaurus' claim to fame is its double row of long spines sticking up from its shoulders and back. Were they for defense, or display? The experts are still arguing.

• In case you haven't noticed, by Sauropod standards, the neck of an Amargasaurus was actually embarrassingly short. Which is really quite uncharacteristic because one of the main traits of Sauropods is that it has a long neck.

• To all aspiring actors, remember this... even great dinosaurs failed to make the cut sometimes. Concept artist Ricardo Delgado submitted an Amargasaurus design for Disney's Dinosaur movie in 2000, complete with giraffe-style spots; but sadly, the sauropod never made it on screen.

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Dimension Approx. 23.8 x 5 x 8 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
Brand Papo
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