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PAPO      |     3 years & up

Realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are what set PAPO's marine animal figurines ahead of the rest. Each figurine is hand painted and manufactured according to strict EN-71 specifications; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism.

An easily recognizable member of any sea collection, this impressively designed Hammerhead Shark figurine comes detailed with large flat protrusions on its head and with its eyes on the sides, complete with true-to-life gills, fins and colour markings to perfect its realism. Like all PAPO figurines, this Hammerhead Shark is made from non-toxic plastic and is BPA and phthalate-free, and is the perfect first addition to any marine life collection.


• In 2001, a hammerhead shark was born inside one of the aquariums at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. The birth came as a complete surprise to the staff because all the hammerhead sharks in that tank were females—and none had seen a male of their species in three years. At first, it seemed likely that the mother must have been storing sperm; females of many animal species can keep semen alive for years before using it to fertilize eggs. But testing confirmed that the baby bonnethead had no paternal DNA; the mother had reproduced by fertilizing her own egg cells, a phenomenon known as parthenogenesis. It had never been documented in sharks before.

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Dimension Approx. 17 x 8 x 6.3 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
Brand Papo
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