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DJECO      |     6 years & up

The idea of winning this game sounds simple: to get a hand of cards of the same animal. But... getting there is trickier than you can imagine!

All cards come depicted with an action symbol that can either reverse the flow of the game, cause the next player to miss a turn, allow you to take cards off other players - or a whole lot of other possible scenarios; and each round, players take turns laying down one card, performing the action based on the symbol shown, and then taking a new card from the table. The aim, as mentioned, is to collect a hand of cards all featuring the same animal, so tactical planning is indeed one of the most critical skills you need to curate accurately!

Which card should you play from your hand - or more importantly, when should that card be played? Timing is absolutely important if you want to get your way, so maximize the effect of every card to your utmost benefit! (Click here for full game instructions in English.)

• Non-verbal processing skills
• Strategic and tactical planning
• Decision making
• Attention span
• Family/group bonding

A fun and meaningful card game that encourages players to think beyond just 'which card is good or bad' - as all cards can be good and bad depending on the situation at that exact point. Rather, players have to apply circumstantial thinking and figure out when is the best moment to utilize the different cards, and the most positive impact they can derive from every decision made.

2 - 4 players | Set includes: 36 double-sided play cards, set of instructions.

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Dimension Approx. 12 x 3 x 8 cm (packaging)
Age 6 YEARS & UP
Brand Djeco
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