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DJECO      |     4 years & up

Now that your little one has mastered their colours and shapes, it's time to throw in some observational and cross-referencing skills to the mix! Colorformix is a highly engaging learning game that introduces little ones to the world of cross-referencing; developing critical logical reasoning skills along the way that promotes higher-level thinking and inquiring in later academic stages.

Pick out one picture card: Observe and locate in it all the five different shapes stated on the main game board - what colours are they? Using the main game board for play, cross-refer both details to help you place your star in the right spot.

Not all shapes will appear in every card and sometimes, there maybe be more than one of the same shape, so carefulness and attention to detail is key for accuracy!

• Observation
• Logical reasoning
• Shape and colour recognition
• Visual perceptual processing skills
• Patience and concentration
• Spatial reasoning
• Lateral thinking
• Overall cognitive development

With Djeco’s Eduludo series, kids can now learn basic concepts and skills through sessions of fun and play. Designed for toddlers and ranging from basic concepts such as colours, numbers, alphabets, and shapes, to more advanced skill sets involving memory, observation, association, and even logical thinking; this wonderful collection of games livens up traditional routes of learning, and transform your child’s first steps of education into a more delightful and interactive activity.

Set includes: 1 game board, 12 star tokens, 20 picture cards, set of instructions.

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Dimension Approx. 21.5 x 4 x 21.5 cm (packaging)
Age 4 YEARS & UP
Brand Djeco
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