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DJECO      |     5 years & up

Taking on one of the most challenging concepts in early learning, Additions lends a visual approach to traditional mathematical ideas, helping to facilitate understanding, creativity, and higher-level thinking in the field of mathematics - a wonderfully designed teaching aid that can take on anything from simple counting to more challenging subtraction sums!

Place the corresponding number of objects on the pond scene as indicated on the instruction card. Encourage adding and subtracting by posing dynamic questions such as, "2 more frogs leapt into the pond - now how many frogs are there in the pond?"; or "2 dragonflies flew away - how many dragonflies are there left in the pond?"

For more advanced mathematical learners, encourage active listening through a play of words (e.g. Instead of asking how many dragonflies are left in the pond, you may ask how many animals are there left in total on the pond, which will then require them to first deduct the 2 dragonflies, and then add the other kinds of animals that are still on the pond.

• Early numeracy
• Basic arithmetic
• Observation
• Active listening
• Critical thinking
• Attention and focus

With Djeco’s Eduludo series, kids can now learn basic concepts and skills through sessions of fun and play. Designed for toddlers and ranging from basic concepts such as colours, numbers, alphabets, and shapes, to more advanced skill sets involving memory, observation, association, and even logical thinking; this wonderful collection of games livens up traditional routes of learning, and transform your child’s first steps of education into a more delightful and interactive activity.

Set includes: 1 pond scene, assortment of 40 animal tokens, 30 instruction cards, 9 number cards

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Age 4 YEARS & UP
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