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DJECO      |     4 years & up

Make the most of our glorious weather and splish splash your way through this waterproof card game of speed and reaction!

Deal an equal number of playing cards to each player and let the 5 special animal shaped cards float freely in the water - all playing cards are to be placed faced down (even your own). Players then simultaneously turn over the top card from their deck, to which the following happens:
- The player with the highest-value card (1 bubble being the smallest in value and 5 bubbles being the biggest in value) wins the card from the other player!
- When 2 identical sea animals are turned up, there is a Bataplouf situation! Quickly catch the animal from the 'sea' - did you manage to get to the card first? Great! You win the other player's card too! (Click here for full game instructions in English.)

• Visual observation
• Non-verbal processing skills
• Speed/reaction
• Impulse control
• One-to-one correspondence
• Early numeracy
• Family/group bonding

A extremely fun game that can be taken outdoors or even played indoors without water. An excellent aid that revisits concepts of early numeracy related to one-to-one correspondence and basic counting.

2 players | Set includes: 20 play cards, 5 special animal-shaped cards, set of instructions.

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Dimension Approx. 16 x 3 x 11 cm (packaging)
Age 4 YEARS & UP
Brand Djeco
Assembly Not required
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