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SES CREATIVE      |     12 months & up

Here's taking traditional bubble blowing to all-new heights!

Simply hold the rope sticks together and immerse fully in the bubble solution. When removing, pull the sticks apart carefully, and there you have it - the first hint of a mega bubble! Walk backwards slowly and watch it grow bigger and bigger. Once it's mega enough, bring the sticks together again to 'close off' the bubble, and off your mega bubble goes, floating in the air!

Developed and manufactured in Holland.

*Play Tip: Fancy yourself as a bubble blowing expert? Blow softly and briefly against the large bubble (a short puff) and see if you can create a small bubble inside the large one!

Includes: 1 bubble solution tray, 1 bottle of bubble solution (200ml), 1 mega bubble maker rope

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Product Code 2251
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Dimension Approx. 20 x 4 x 20 cm (Packaging)
Age 6 YEARS & UP
Brand SES Creative
Assembly Not required
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