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HEADU      |     3 years & up

A fun rendition of Goose with a strong focus on early numeracy!

Players take turns flipping over an egg tile, which depicts a numeral (and corresponding number of dots) that determines the number of spaces that they can move forward. Every time they land on the same colour as their marker, they get to go again. However, there are unlucky eggs with no numbers on them, in which case they player stays put and 'misses a turn'.

Whoever reaches the finish line wins? Not quite. First they'll have to flip over a House Card placed in the middle of the board - you only win if Mother Goose is home, otherwise, you'll have to backtrack by 5 whopping spaces!

• Spatial reasoning
• Kinesthetic learning
• Number recognition and early counting
• One-to-one correspondence
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem

123 Go! is part of Headu's EcoPlay range, which is made in Italy from 100% recycled paper & cardboard; and is free from all plastics. No new trees were cut down in the process of making this product, and all parts in this set are also 100% recyclable.

Includes: Goose puzzle; 4 goose game pieces; 41 eggs; 5 houses; set of instructions

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Price SGD24.90
Product Code 26203
Awards Independent Toy Awards - Winner (UK)
Dimension Approx. 18.6 x 25.5 x 6.1 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
Brand Headu
Assembly Not required
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