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The Steiff Purity Law

When you buy a Steiff, you simply know you are getting the very best. This is the outcome of the Steiff Purity Law, which dictates the quality in material and craftsmanship of all its products:

When it comes to safety, Steiff voluntarily goes far and beyond the legally required standards and even surpasses them. It avoids the use of harmful substances such as bleaching agents or optical brighteners – and imposes stricter regulations than required for all dyes and colours. Children can put a Steiff plush in their mouths without any misgivings.  

To date, Steiff is the only plush toy maker in the world with its own fabric factory. This allows them to instill careful selection and inspection of both the materials used and the manufacturers commissioned, allowing it to maintain consistent and unparalleled quality throughout.

The plush of a Steiff toy has always been something special. It is hypoallergenic, soft, durable, and sheds almost no hair; making it suitable even for children with allergies or sensitive skin. 

Steiff uses exclusively new and non-harmful materials to stuff their soft teddy bears and animals. 

Every Steiff plush is the result of months of development and loving work by hand. It could not be any other way, because real characters do not come from machines. They are the expression of high-quality inventions and first-class craftsmanship. In fact, the skilled machinists at Steiff use standard seam widths and a high stitch density unique only to Steiff products; in order to ensure that their creations will, with care, last a lifetime.

During production, careful attention is given to hygiene and purity requirements. Metal detectors are used throughout the entire process eliminating the chance of a broken needle or a scrap of metal making its way into the final product. Steiff also uses stuffing material produced from polyester and is blasted into the sewing shell with pressurised air. It is washable and has a high wad power and shape stability; perfectly hygienic and flame resistant; and as a fleece, must be manually processed with a stuffing iron.

For decades, Steiff teddy bears and animals have been checked by independent institutions, including recognized establishments such as Dekra and TÜV Süd. On top of that, Steiff also performs over 12,000 in-house quality checks from their own laboratory in Giengen, each year.

Every Steiff plush is designed to be a childhood companion and a friend for life; and as such, safety and quality is paramount for every piece. The Steiff quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN standard EN ISO 9001. Only when they have successfully passed the final checks do they receive the iconic button-in-ear, a worldwide renowned trademark unique to all Steiff plushies in the world. 

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