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Pustefix is, hands down, one of the best bubble solutions in the world. More than simply a fun past time, these transparent globes are steeped in deep Science, with Pustefix founder Rolf Hein conducting experiment after experiment to understand the mysterious physical and chemical properties of soap bubbles before gradually stepping up to innovate his own. Since then, Pustefix's award-winning formula has become widely recognized as one of the best and safest bubble solutions in the market for children, with the prestigious Spiel Gut Award stamp of approval for its excellence in safety, quality and play value.

Safe, Award-winning Formula For Better Play
Pustefix's prestigious Spiel Gut Award bubble solution is EN-71 tested, non-toxic, bio-degradable, and extremely safe - especially for our little ones. Its glycerin-based formula results in streams of beautiful, glossy rainbow-coloured bubbles, which have been proven to be stronger and last longer each time.

An Excellent Early Development Aid
Studies have shown that learning to speak becomes easier for children who blow bubbles, due to the oral muscle skills that are developed which helps articulate words. On top of that, bubble play also hones visual tracking skills, gross motor movement, balance and muscle tone development; and is excellent for spatial awareness and directionality. It's a guaranteed way to make early learning sensorial and fun; with a calming, therapeutic effect that creates positive learning experiences in their growing years. 

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