1. I purchased these blocks for my one year old son. He has been tossing them around now for two weeks and they are still completely intact. They seem very durable, which I was initially a little worried about. He loves looking through the colored water and saying “ohhhhhh.” I enjoy putting them in the sun when it shines into our playroom and having the colored reflection on the floor. He loves trying to chase the colors around. It’s great how you can teach each color individually and then put two colors together to make a new one! I know my son isn’t old enough to grasp that concept yet, but we will have these ready for when he is. Until then, we will just work on learning blue, red and yellow.

    All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. They are a bit pricey but I honestly feel like we will get a lot of fun and educational use out of them.

  2. LOVE these blocks!! I was definitely a little hesitant about the price, but decided to take the gamble. Let me tell you, it was very worth it. These blocks not only look super beautiful in my daughter’s room (yea, not gonna lie, I like them for their looks too), but she is entertained by them for hours. Simple, well-made, durable blocks that foster creative thinking and open-ended play. I can just see her wheels turning as she puts figurines on the blue water blocks, looks through the colors, places them over each other to see if the colors change, etc, etc, etc. Overall, worth the $!

  3. These water blocks have been a staple of our play! Learning colors, how they reflect onto things, a pretend car wash for little cars, lots of things with small world play, etc., etc! The colors have definitely faded but we did have them in a window for quite awhile (so pretty!). No evaporation with ours. They do get condensation when they’re warm, then it dissipates. Much loved and worth the price!

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