1. Craftsmanship is excellent, the colors are vibrant, each top is different in color and size. They all spin and spin just like they should. I keep them on my coffee table, and we all play with them. Oh inside the tin is a booklet on more of the other products they offer! Would highly recommend to anyone. These are great for waiting areas in businesses , doctors offices, play rooms or just anywhere!

  2. These are beautiful! They are well balanced and spin for a while on a twist. I bought a set for the coffee table and everyone (including adults) is delighting in them. We’ve been having spin offs, trying to see who can make their top spin the longest. I’m thinking of getting a set to put in my bag for waiting rooms. This would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

  3. These are awesome, classic wooden tops!

  4. Absolutely amazing quality! Got these for my son for Christmas he loves Tops! I tested them out and they’re amazing! So sturdy and heavy duty, yet lightweight!!! Definitely purchase these!! I love the color variations as well.

  5. Beautiful, well constructed. One takes skill to spin. Very fun

  6. Cool toy to learn the movement. What is more stable, what is faster, what shape spins the longest time. We did the spins battle, kids love it.

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