1. Good quality wooden toy, edges are soft, the colours are bright. My toddler has a great time playing with this. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to teach their kids about shapes, colours and help them with developing their motor skills.

  2. Bit tricky at first but now at 22 months toddler is able to complete. Well made puzzle good for colour and shape recognition as well as motor skills placing shapes on pegs.

  3. My husband and I were keen to find something that our 13 month old could play with long enough for us to make some toast and coffee (5-10 minutes). This toy seems to be the ticket. She can’t accurately place any of the pieces beyond the circles but is happy to spend plenty of time trying to put all the pieces on the wrong pegs!

  4. Very nice toys for my 18 months boy, he really enjoy to play everyday, thank you.

  5. Ive surprised myself a how much my son has played with this toy. Bought it when he was 18 months old and now at over 2yrs he plays with it lots (not so much at first). Everyday he takes the pieces off the board and lays them out and then puts them all back. We’re trying to learn colours at the moment so it’s really coming into it’s own.

  6. V good! Helps in developing the classification skills of a toddler. V satisfied with my purchase.

  7. My son is a little below the age recommendation for this product, but I like to introduce toys that are a little advanced as long as they are not a choking hazard. I feel that you get more for your money and longer usability that way. At 18 months, he does try to put the shapes back on the pegs once he removes them, but he does not have the dexterity required. Therefore, this “puzzle” is still a challenge and quite intriguing to him. Right now he enjoys removing the shapes, attempting to put them back on the board, and tossing them around the room in frustration when he can’t. I don’t like to see him frustrated, but I do think it helps him to be persistent and stick with a task when he cannot master it on the first try.

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