1. Minimal number of pieces of great quality which I love!

  2. My 3yo daughter received this as a birthday gift and absolutely LOVES her new doctor set. We’re had it for a couple months now and it’s holding up to daily check-ups with her buddies. The stethoscope fits comfortably for toddler ears, as well as my own (when I get tagged in to be the doctor). The blood pressure cuff is also a favorite because it squeaks when you “pump” it up. A great little, wooden doctor set that’s sure to get lots of love!

  3. I gave this to my 3 year old daughter for her birthday and she loves it.

  4. This a darling little set & my three year old has fun with it & even pretends the little “knee bopper” is also the light for checking your ears & mouth. One thing I was surprised by is that the blood pressure toy has a dog squeak toy in it. Which definitely perks my dogs ears whenever he hears it. All in all my son seems happy with the toy & I think will enjoy it for some time to come.

  5. This is a beautiful doctor set!! Everything feels just lovely. No plastic parts, all fabric and wood. The painted/printed surfaces seem durable. My daughter plays with this non-stop. We added a kids lab coat for the full immersive dramatic play experience!

  6. My kids absolutely love this. it is their favorite doctor kit, they are constantly running around playing doctor. I love the fact that is a more of an old-fashioned wooden toy, is an absolute homerun for me.

  7. The blood pressure toy is very fun makes a squeaking noise when squeezed. The other toys are ok.

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