1. Quality just like old school toys

  2. Very cute & sturdy. It doesn’t topple over like some pull toys, my one year old loves it!

  3. The alligator is the perfect size (not very big, but not too small either), and rolls across carpet easily. The rope/cord that the child uses to “walk” the alligator is long enough to actually let them take it for a walk (some toys have cords that are too short, I’m assuming for safety reasons?). The clacking sound is a bit loud, but not overly obnoxious compared to other noise-making toys. My son will play with this for 5-10 minutes at a time, which is pretty good at his age for this type of toy – he will also come back to it over the course of a day.

  4. I’m not the type of parent who buys everything my children ask for – but this is one of those toys that I can’t object to. Since it arrived, it has gotten lots of play. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toddler love a toy as much as my daughter loves this thing. It doesn’t tip easy, even when it’s turning corners. It glides on the floor nicely. I love how it moves like an inch worm. This has bumped into furniture and hasn’t lost any paint yet. It makes a fun clapping sound, which most adults shouldn’t find too overbearing. My daughter likes it to sit beside her while she looks at books, colors and plays with her other toys. She’d probably take it into her crib with her at night if I let her (which I obviously don’t due to the string.)

  5. He’s been a big hit with everybody in the house….even his four year old sister and six year old big brother love to take Mr. Gator for a run. It makes a clacking noise as it goes–which can be annoying after an hour or two, but is far better than some computer generated sound.

  6. My son loves this toy. We bought it for him for christmas because we thought he might enjoy a pull toy. It has been great. It wiggles and chomps its mouth wile you pull it and it makes a fun clacking sound. I do have to say that if you have tile or hardwood floors this toy is VERY loud. Also it would be nice if it had a loop or a ball at the end of the string for the little guy to hold on to. It is kind of hard sometimes for him to get a good grip on just the end of the string. And if he gets going very fast it can tip over easy. But it is well made and so much fun that I expect to be enjoying his noisy clacking for years to come.

  7. There are 7 sets of aunts and uncles in my family and 5 nieces and nephews so the gift-giving can get a little nuts. These alligators were competing against the general mayhem of Christmas morning, electronic toys and iPods (yikes!) for some attention and they were the favorite of both nephews. The boys played with them all night and by the end of the evening, the 18-month-olds who can barely speak were “talking” to each other about their alligators and racing them. Yes, racing them.

    The alligators are noisy, especially on a hardwood floor. The noise they make is at least 20% of the fun, though. But they do ok on carpet or pavement too. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with young children.

  8. This little alligator-on-a-leash is a great toy for toddlers. It’s a simple, mechanical thing – they pull the string, and the alligator dances and clacks, following them around. It can be used by crawlers as well, as they can simply pull the alligator by his face or tail and get the same dancing-clacking effect. And even with the wooden slats moving back and forth, it can’t pinch your child’s fingers.

    As with all Plan Toys, it’s safe for your child and for the environment: the dyes are all food-grade, so even if you toddler gnaws on it, it’s totally non-toxic. The wood is harvested from old, disused rubber trees that would be cut down anyway, so it’s not contributing to deforestation.

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