1. We bought these for my kids, and they’re simply fantastic. I appreciate the build quality, and they are made of wood, so they aren’t as prone to breaking under the duress all children’s toys seem to experience at one point or another.

  2. great educational toy for teaching problem solving.

  3. The girls were immediately drawn to it and on the first try, they were building with it. It took them some practice to figure out how to push the pieces in all the way and I had to hold the base still for them, but it didn’t take long and they had created their own little “cacti”. Since then (we’ve had it about a month now), they play with it every day. They sit together and stack pieces. They say “Uh oh” when it falls over and then start again. They bite on the pieces, throw them, step on them, and stuff them under the couch, but the Balancing Cactus still looks like new. I love it and think it’s a great toy!

  4. My daughter is a 18 months and I worried this might be to much for her, but she actually does really well with it. The holes in the base, and little cactus parts aren’t to bulky or to small. She quickly figured out how to stack them after watching me do it. She cracked up when they fell over and seems to like playing with it. The parts are small, which is why this toy is only played with when supervised. Plus my daughter is mostly out of the putting everything in her mouth phase

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