1. 5yr old son thoroughly enjoyed stacking animals and the adults enjoyed it too by going for harder stacks. Definitely recommended and the ease of getting started means you can pull it out and start playing almost instantly.

  2. Our 5 year old loves this game and it always leads to one or two more games – high praise indeed!

  3. I bought this to play with my boys (5 and 8 at the time). I introduced it to my gaming group one night as a filler and they really liked it, going so far as to place the pieces in really awkward ways to make it harder.

    The wooden pieces are decent quality and game itself has some randomness and a bit of dexterity required for placement. It’s fast and a decent filler for both kids and adults.

  4. This game is great. All the pieces are thick solid wood and really cute interesting shapes. Many of them have ridges like gear teeth to mesh well and fit together. I find the physics of the pieces and shapes designed excellently, and trying to figure out in which direction it will push the lower pieces once I place the piece.

    As you play the shape becomes like a triangle so it gets more difficult. Even as an adult I tried first stacking without any additional side pieces, and then later with 2 chunky sheep on the side. It is not easy once the stack gets high.

    I felt like a kid playing this game and it is absolutely hilarious every time the stack falls over. I would highly recommend. The animals are very cute.

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