This means that many of our toys are officially recognized by trusted industry organizations and expert-led panels worldwide as being, truly, Better; with many achieving ‘Multi-Award Winning’ status and a choice few even clinching some of the most prestigious, toughest-to-win awards in the world.

To help you trust our toys better, we have put together a list of all the product awards that our toys have won over the years. You may also click HERE to shop our Award Winning range.

The Comenius EduMedia Awards is an international competition that recognizes and honors outstanding multimedia educational products. It is organized by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI) based in Berlin, Germany.

Awards are given to educational products that are Innovative, Pedagogically Valuable, and User-Friendly, and are highly regarded in the educational technology community.

The German Brand Award is a highly prestigious branding award that recognizes the best brands in Germany and celebrates their excellence in Branding, Marketing, and Communications. The award is organized by the German Design Council, a leading authority on design and branding in Germany. Winners are chosen by a jury of branding experts, marketing professionals, and business leaders, based on criteria such as Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Experience, and Brand Communication.

Winning a German Brand Award is considered a significant achievement, and is upheld as a true mark of Excellence in branding and marketing. 

The German Design Prize (Deutscher Designpreis) is a renowned international design award that recognizes outstanding design achievements in various fields. It honours innovative and groundbreaking designs that push boundaries and set new standards; demonstrating exceptional Quality, Aesthetics, Functionality, and User Experience. that contribute to the advancement of Design as a whole. 

Winning the German Design Prize is highly regarded within the design community and beyond. It signifies excellence and innovation in design, and provides a seal of quality that enhances the reputation and visibility of the designers and companies involved.

The Golden Rocking Horse Awards (Das Goldene Schaukelpferd) of the magazine Familie & Co identifies and celebrates toys that are rated to be Sophisticated, Educational, Value for Money, and Age Appropriate.

It is the only toy award within the German speaking regions directly selected by consumers.

 The Good Design Award is an annual design competition that recognizes and honours outstanding design achievements across various industries and disciplines. It is a prestigious award that celebrates excellence in Innovation, Functionality, Aesthetics, Sustainability, and User Experience.

Organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, this award has been running since 1950, and has become one of the oldest and most renowned design awards in the world.

The Good Toy Award Japan is an annual award that recognizes and honours outstanding toys that contribute to the healthy development and well-being of children. It is organized by the Japan Good Toy Association, a non-profit organization that promotes quality toys and play experiences.

The judge panel consists of experts including child development specialists, educators, toy industry professionals, and parents; and nominees are evaluated based on criteria such as Safety, Quality, Play Value, Educational Content, Innovation, and Durability.

The Good Tod Award Japan plays a significant role in promoting the creation of quality toys that enrich children’s lives. It encourages the toy industry to prioritize safety, educational value, and playfulness while inspiring parents and caregivers to choose toys that promote healthy development and joyful play experiences.

The PARENTS brand is the leading source for busy, millennial moms and reaches 9.3 million readers monthly through an award-winning magazine and over 19 million through its digital and social platforms.  

A predecessor to its current Best Toys Award program, its original Good Toy Guide involved a team of experts, including child development specialists, educators, and toy industry professionals, who carefully evaluated and assessed toys for their Educational Value, Safety, Durability, and Age Appropriateness; and how they would engage children’s senses, encourage problem-solving, stimulate imagination, and promotes social interaction.

Being included in The Good Toy Guide by Parents’ Mgazine serves as a trusted endorsement for parents seeking recommendations for toys that enhances playtime and development.

Organized by the eponymous upscale lifestyle publication, the Harper’s Bazaar Junior Toy Awards was a fully Singapore-led award program that recognized the best toys for children in different age groups.

Nominated toys were judged by a panel of industry experts that included parents, child development specialists, toy experts – and even children themselves; based on a range of factors that included (but not limited to) Safety, Durability, Educational Value, and Fun Factor.

The I.D. Annual Design Review (also known as the IDSA Design Awards) is a prestigious design competition that recognizes and honours outstanding design achievements in various categories. It showcases innovative and influential designs across many disciplines; and celebrates designs that demonstrate Excellence in Aesthetics, Functionality, Sustainability, User Experience, and overall Impact on Society.

Winners of the annual I.T.S.A Toy Awards are voted by members of the ITSA ( Independent Toy Specialists of Australia).

ITSA Awards specifically recognise products that represent the ITSA ideals, and must display excellence in Play Value, Product Uniqueness, Product Packaging & Presentation, as well as its Value for Money.

Organized by German online platform KidsGo, the KidsGo Awards is a German Consumer Award that recognizes the best products and services for families with children. 

The Awards cover a wide range of categories, and winners are chosen by a jury of experts and a public voting process, and are evaluated based on criteria such as Safety, Quality, Innovation, Design, and Practicality.

A subsidiary of international lifestyle publication TimeOut, the KidsOut Good Toy Guide is an annual publication that provides recommendations and guidance on selecting toys for children. 

The Guide serves as a trusted resource for parents, caregivers, and professionals who are looking for toys that are not only entertaining; but also promote learning, development, and positive play experiences. Recommended Highlights & Winners undergo a rigorous evaluation process based on criteria such as Safety, Durability, Play Value, Developmental Benefits, and Suitability for different age groups and abilities.

Winning a Loved by Parents Award can serve as a mark of quality and trust for parents seeking reliable and well-regarded parenting and family-related offerings. It celebrates products that have gained a well-regarded reputation in the market and are positively received by parents, and the winners are fully nominated and voted by consumers. 

The Mommy Award is an annual people’s choice award organised by the renowned internet community NetMoms.de. This prize is awarded to particularly family-friendly products and brands. Mums are encouraged to put forward their favourite products and services at NetMoms.de. Community members then vote for the best products and brands for children and families.

The Mother & Baby Awards is an annual program that recognizes and honours products, brands, and services in the parenting industry. The awards are organized by Mother & Baby, a leading publication focused on providing information and support to parents.

The evaluation process involves rigorous testing and assessment conducted by a panel of experts, which often includes parents, industry professionals, and healthcare practitioners. The judges evaluate the products based on factors such as Quality, Safety, Innovation, Functionality, Design, and Value for Money. Feedback and opinions from real parents who have used the products are also considered.

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval is an endorsement given to products and services that have been evaluated and deemed worthy by The National Parenting Center (NPC), a renowned organization dedicated to providing parents with credible and valuable information about various products for children and families.

The Seal of Approval is granted to products that undergo thorough testing and evaluation by parents, children, and expert judges. Extensive reviews and assessments are based on various criteria such as Quality, Design, Functionality, Educational Value, and Overall Appeal. The evaluations often involve hands-on testing and feedback from parents and children who use and interact with the products.

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval is considered a trusted and respected endorsement in the parenting community, and receiving it is a mark of recognition for a product’s quality, innovation, and suitability for children. It serves as a helpful guide for parents, assuring them that the endorsed products have undergone a rigorous evaluation process and have been deemed beneficial and trustworthy by the NPC.

The Öko-Test is a German consumer magazine that focuses on testing and evaluating consumer products based on their environmental and social impact, as well as their safety and health effects. The magazine publishes test reports and product rankings, with the goal of providing consumers with objective and reliable information to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

The Öko-Test Sehr Gut (Very Good) rating is a highly respected quality seal that is recognized throughout Germany and beyond. To obtain the Sehr Gut rating, products are tested according to a comprehensive set of criteria, which include Environmental and Health aspects such as the Materials Used, Energy Efficiency, and Disposal Options.

The Öko-Test is considered an extremely reliable source of information for consumers who are interested in buying products that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and safe for their health. 

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Awards are highly regarded in the toy industry and are often used as a guide by parents, educators, and toy buyers when selecting toys and media for children.

Winners are rated for Play Value, Educational Content, Safety, and Overall Appeal; and are chosen based on evaluation and feedback from children and parents who test the products.

The PAL (Play Advances Language) Award is a recognition given to toys, books, and games that promote language development in children.

Award Winners are evaluated based on their ability to encourage and support language development in children, and the selection process involves hands-on testing and analysis by a team of experts, including speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents. The criteria for receiving the PAL Award include features such as promoting Storytelling, Vocabulary Building, Conversation Skills, Social Interaction, and overall Language Enrichment.

The PAL Award serves as a helpful resource for parents, educators, and therapists who are seeking toys and materials that can aid in language development and provide engaging learning experiences for children.

Established in 1978, the Parents’ Choice Awards Seals are internationally recognized and respected icons of quality, and have become a trusted resource for parents, educators, and professionals in the children’s media industry. 

The selection process involves a panel of experts, including educators, scientists, artists, librarians, parents, and children; and evaluation is based on criteria such as the Quality of Content, Design, and Age Appropriateness. Winners receive the Parents’ Choice Seal of Approval, which can help parents and caregivers make informed choices when selecting products for their children.

Highly regarded as a symbol of quality and innovation, the German-based Plus X Award is a global innovation award that recognizes outstanding brands and products across various categories, providing consumers with decision-making guidance by highlighting products that are considered exceptional by industry experts. 

The Plus X Award is unique in the world of awards as it honours products that possess at least one ‘Plus X‘ factor – that is, a feature that sets it apart from its competitors. These factors can include Innovation, Design, Quality, Functionality, Environmental Sustainability, User Experience, amongst many others.

The Practical Preschool Awards take place annually and rewards excellence in toys, books and other educational resources for children up to eight years old. It features a holistic panel comprising of both childcare professionals and children; and all products are judged on a strict set of criteria that includes Durability, Educational Value, Play Value, and Value for Money.

Any product that receives a rating of 90% or more is awarded a Gold Medal. Products with 80% – 89% get awarded Silver; and 70% – 79% awarded bronze. There is also an overall winner for each category.

Organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany since 1955, the RedDot Design Award is a prestigious platform that celebrates and promotes outstanding design achievements worldwide. It is highly regarded within the design community and beyond; and serves as a mark of distinction and quality from a Design perspective. 

With strict judging criteria that seriously considers each product’s commitment to upholding design excellence, winners are picked based on their Innovation, Aesthetics, Functionality, Sustainability, and User Experience.

Organized by the eponymous UK online publication, the annual Right Start Awards is a hallmark of excellence, and is a significant honour for winning toy manufacturers and brands. 

The program highlights toys that are considered exceptional in terms of Play Value, Educational Benefits, Innovation, Quality, and Overall Appeal to Children; and conducts extensive testing and evaluation before shortlisting nominations and choosing a winner.

The Spiel Gut (Good Toy) Award is a quality seal awarded by the German Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel + Spielzeug (Working Committee for Children’s Play and Toys), to toys that have been tested and recommended by a group of experts, including psychologists, educators, and parents.

The award was created in 1954 and aims to promote high-quality toys and games that support Children’s Development, Creativity, and Imagination, while also taking into account aspects such as Safety, Environmental Impact, and Age Appropriateness.

It is widely lauded as one of the most prestigious toy awards in the world, and is considered an unquestionably reliable guide for parents and educators when choosing toys and games for children.

Winning a Superbrands Award is considered a significant achievement and a mark of excellence in branding. Established in 1994, this international branding award program recognizes and celebrates the most outstanding brands in various industries around the world. 

Superbrands promotes the importance of branding, and identifies the best-performing brands in different categories through a rigorous selection process that involves industry experts, consumers, and a panel of judges. The selection criteria include Brand Reputation, Quality, Innovation, Differentiation, and Market Dominance.