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PAPO      |     3 years & up

[Video Credit: JurassicCollectables]

Realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are what set PAPO's Dinosaurs ahead of the rest. Each figurine is hand painted and manufactured according to strict EN-71 specifications; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism.

In recognition of this dinosaur’s narrow snout and small jaw bones (the word Compsognathus actually translates to 'elegant jaw'); this Compsognathus figurine has even been crafted with a realistically articulated jaw, a strategic design move that has impressed critics worldwide as it was a small and extremely detailed component and difficult to execute. The sculpting and pose is also dynamic and playful, capturing the little critter in mid-stride with its tail held aloft; and perfected with Papo's usual en pointe colourisation.


• This little critter is as tiny as it looks. Measuring an adorable 1.2m when full-grown, the svelte Compsognathus could have squeezed inside a typical shopping cart.

• To date, only two full Compsognathus skeletons have been found - and both came with lizard bones preserved in their stomachs. (Talk about last meals!)

• Somebody in the Jurassic Park research team forgot to do his homework. Due to the lack of findings, the only recognized species of the Compsognathus so far is the Compsognathus Longipes. And yet, halfway through the very first movie back in 1997, a fleece-clad beardsman modeled after real-life paleontologist Robert Bakker talks about a 'Compsognathus Triassicus'... which is about as existent as a unicorn.

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Price SGD22.90
Product Code 55072
Awards Good Design Award (USA)
Dimension Approx. 17 x 4.7 x 12 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
Brand Papo
Assembly Not required
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