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In an age of mass consumption and throwaway goods, Papo believes that children deserve only quality toys that are safe and can last over time, giving them the opportunity to grow, discover, and develop a bond with these toys that hopefully can be passed on from generation to generation. Ever since its very first figurine that came to life more than 25 years ago, Papo has gone on to create more than 600 other animals and characters aimed at sparking imaginative thinking in children, as well as developing their natural curiosity for the world.

Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety remain the cornerstone of Papo's figurines and toys. Every item that you see on the shelf was designed in France; and manufactured & hand painted in strict compliance with international safety rules, subject to regular testing by approved laboratories for quality and safety control. Not only that, realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are also what set its figurines ahead of the rest; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism. In fact, many Dinosaurs from Papo's world renowned Prehistoric range have even been lauded by serious collectors and critics worldwide to be akin to museum-quality replicas; with professional paleontologists deeming it as 'true to form'!

Stimulating Imagination in the Earliest Months 
In 2018, Papo introduced an Early Years range of figurines, specially researched and developed to support sensory stimulation even from the earliest months. Chunky and easy to hold, these Papo Baby figurines are made from 100% natural rubber and finished with food-grade paints, meaning they are not just safe to play with, but also to put in the mouth as a teether! With a soft, supple texture and strategically designed contours, Papo's Early Years figurines encourages tactile exploration as well as a baby's natural desire to chew and bite; an aid that will come in handy when it's time to soothe teething gums. To make it completely safe and hygienic, all Early Years figurines are also intentionally designed without air release holes, preventing water or saliva pentetration that results in the accumulation of bacteria and leads to the eventual growth of mold within the toy itself.

A Commitment To The Environment
Papo is committed to the planet and encourages younger generations to protect the environment through continuous play with its animal figurines. Using their natural curiosity and love for animals as a catalyst, PAPO's figurines depict the richness and beauty of biodiversity in its entirety, introducing littles ones to the fascinating world of animals classes, habitats, food webs, and even the ecological interdependence of all living forms. 

Papo believes that by teaching our children to be aware of environmental issues and living respectfully to the planet, we can slow down many of the environmental threats that we face today, allowing future generations to enjoy the same natural resources that we often take for granted, such as clean air and water, along with the incredible wild animals that we share this world with.

In 2017 Papo joined the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) France SME Club, which drives sustainable business practices among SMEs through their operations and value chains; raises awareness of key environmental issues in order to mobilise consumer action; as well as raise money throught these bilateral partnerships for the conservation of key places and endangered species.

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