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SES CREATIVE      |     5 years & up

Craft out pigs, tractors, sheep, ducks, cows, horses, and cats on benches - this classic bead craft activity will keep little creatives occupied for hours on end!

Simply lay out the beads on the transparent peg board provided, and then get an adult's help to iron over it to fuse them all together. Don't forget to use the 12 transparent stands provided to hold up your works to a new dimension!

• Developed and manufactured in Holland.
• Non-toxic, PVC-free beads that are of superior quality and do not disintegrate easily under heat.
• Develops focus and patience.
• Stimulates creative expression and colour coordination.

Got a grander plan? Why not source for new creations (or even think up your own) to complete your farm!

Includes: Mix of iron-on beads (2400pc), 1 transparent pegboard, 1 ironing paper, 12 transparent stands, 1 instruction booklet

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Dimension Approx. 30 x 4 x 20 cm (Packaging)
Age 6 YEARS & UP
Brand SES Creative
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