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Safety & Quality from the Very First Milestone
A trusted German baby toy brand with a 70-year tradition, Fehn is a delightful collection of the softest toys, cuddlies, play mats, and accessories meaningfully designed to promote cognitive, visual, tactile, and auditory development from birth. As these toys are meant to emulate and foster an infant's growing intelligence; the sounds, touch, colour combination, and fabric softness are all properties that are meticulously studied in the production process. Only high-quality materials that have been certified safe and free from any harmful chemicals are used, to prevent allergies or irritations that might result in sensitive newborn skin. To ensure quality consistency and tighter controls in the manufacturing process, Fehn also does not produce through third-party suppliers but consciously and ethically manages their two fully-owned production plants in Sri Lanka, both of which operate with a German management and produces according to Germany quality standards.  

As with all European toy brands, Fehn is thoroughly tested to the compliance of EN71, arguably one of the most exacting international standards for toy safety in the world. The company follows up with regular independent testing by external laboratories as well, namely TŰV Rheinland LGA, the leading test institute for toys in Germany. 

Exploring Development Through Sensory Play
Caring for your new baby’s basic needs is time-consuming and exhausting as it is without all the other bits coming into play; but nonetheless, it remains essential that your home is sensory ready right from the very beginning. From its crib & pram acccessories to its baby loungers, play mats, cloth books, and more, Fehn's range of sensory play aids are thoughtfully designed to invoke curiosity and wonder through the routine of daily activities, whether it's feeding, diaper changing, commuting, tummy time, or even right before bed. This ensures that opportunities for learning and discovery is naturally incorporated into your every day even when unplanned, therefore helping to reinforce your baby's nerve connections in the brain’s pathways which leads to cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction skills, and problem-solving abilities.


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