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Unless you’re going down the Nile on a river boat – we’re pretty confident we can reach you.

Simply drop us an email at: – we’ll promise to source the best international shipping rates for you.

Don’t worry! Our ‘Completed’ status simply indicates that your order has been processed, packed, and despatched for delivery. Usually, this means that you can expect to receive your purchase in the next 1-3 working days (not including weekends and public holidays)*.

If you’d like a more specific and real-time update of your order whereabouts, drop us an email at Our deliveries are fulfilled by a mix of our own in-house fleet and third-party providers; and we’ll be able to give you just the information you need! 🙂

* applicable only for local deliveries.


Reservations are currently only available in-stores. 

If you’d like to reserve an item, simply contact any of our Store Outlets, and let them know what you need. We will be able to hold your item for a maximum of 3 days.

Fret not, we are working at the speed of light to restore our full catalog back to its original volume. To ensure that this gets done in the shortest time possible, we regret that we cannot accept ad-hoc requests at this time.

That said, because we want to thank you for having such awesome hearts and for showering us with your kind patience, we will be extending a special soft-launch offer on whatever you see here, as our way of thanking you for your patience with us. 🙂 Head back to our home page to see what’s in store for you right now! 

Don’t worry. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, just get in touch with us at Most times, we’ll be able to advise whether we will be restocking the item you need (and if so, an estimated month of arrival).

Unless stated in our product description, items will be delivered in its original packaging and unassembled. We provide free assembly too – but do note that items once assembled will not fit back into their original packaging and will hence, arrive without a box.

If assembly is stated or requested, items will be delivered pre-assembled – additional charges will apply should you require on-site assembly.

Well, we wouldn’t recommend assembly for obvious reasons – the package will end up much bigger than its original unassembled size and shipping fees will correspond. Assembled items are also more vulnerable to mishaps during international shipping; simply because it is no longer as well-protected as it was in its original flatpacked packaging.

But (and only because we’re flexible and Better people), in any case you really, really, really need it assembled, drop us a message during your order. We’ll never say no to what we can do – although, we’ll probably flood you with all our concerns again, so bear with us.


First of all, thank you for keeping us in your gifting thoughts! ♡ 

We provide giftwrap and gift message services for all our items, no matter the size. If only specific items from your full order requires giftwrapping, you can specify your request individually by checking the ‘Giftwrap This Product’ box, found just right above the ‘Add to Cart’ button on every product page.

Alternatively, you can note your request as a whole, at the Checkout page right before payment.

A gentle note that there is a $0.20/item Green Fee for giftwrapping services online.  

Our beautiful gift wrap is a carbon-neutral, green product printed in Germany. The $0.20 gift wrapping fee is not the actual cost of this giftwrap at all, but rather, a conscious decision we made as part of our commitment to Environmental Sustainability. 

We firmly believe in minimizing waste and reducing our ecological footprint, and we hope that by implementing this nominal ‘green fee’ for giftwrapping, our community will remember to give pause for the choices we make, however small.

Of course, we know too well that beautiful presentation reflects the heart of the giver; so we want you to have the choice for what is absolutely right for the occasion. 

Click HERE to learn more About Us and how we strive to do things Better.

Our Green Fee is applicable per item.

If you paid the Green Fee only once but have multiple items in your order, fret not- we will still wrap your items, but they will be bundled together as a single package. 

Sure thing! You can leave this request in the Gifting Instructions field and we will follow suit.

A gentle note that the $0.20 nominal Green Fee will still apply, as this $0.20 Green Fee is in relation to the material resource, and not our wrapping services (which are complimentary! ♡ ).