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PLANTOYS      |     3 years & up

In 2018, a study by the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the United Kingdom showed that 100% of Sea Turtles in their Global Study was Found With Plastics in Their Bellies.

More than half of the eight million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the world's oceans every year - and this causes immediate harm to our turtles as well as many other marine creatures who mistake it for food. In celebration of Earth Day's 50th Anniversary, PlanToys has released a range of Turtle & Starfish Magnifiers- made from sustainable PlanWood™* - to raise awareness around this growing oceanic crisis.

Designed with a magnifying glass on its belly, these Turtle & Starfish Magnifiers are here to help us and our young understand that everything we throw away (whether on land or in the sea) often times end up where they shouldn't be - in the bellies of our beautiful sea creatures. Take a picture through these lens and hashtag #PlanToysEarthDay2020 on Facebook or Instagram to help spread the message, and leave a caption on how we can all work together to make this Better for our marine friends. ♡

* PlanWood™ a non-toxic composite wood material innovated by PlanToys that is made from sawdust and waste wood produced during the manufacturing process. Molded and compressed at intensive pressures, PlanWood™ is stronger and more durable than normal rubberwood, without use of any heavy or toxic chemicals. Because of the amount of pressure applied during production, very little glue is also needed to bind the sawdust together: believe it or not, less than 1% of formaldehyde-free E-zero glue is used in the process. Also, due to its unique composite nature, organic colourants can also be added in the process, making it more eco-friendly than non-tested dyes or even soy- or water-based inks. Parents will especially love that toys made from PlanWood are also highly water-resistant, making them dishwasher-safe – a big plus point for wee ones who can’t resist putting everything in their mouths.

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