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DJECO      |     5 years & up

The top of each picture card dictates the specific calculation sticks to use, so all players have to do is find the right spot to put them. Beginners can start with the outlined cards that guide them in detail, the proportions needed (which help in addition and subtraction); while advanced players can move on to the trickier cards that come with no guided breakdown whatsoever, hence developing acute visual estimation and spatial reasoning skills!

An excellent mathematics manipulative that puts fun back into traditional academic learning! Provides an excellent visual platform for a clearer understanding into the relationship between quantity and numbers. When used independently, the calculation sticks can also be used to explore fundamentals relating to concepts such as ratios, proportions, fractions; or even mathematical operatives like multiplication and division.

• Visual estimation
• Spatial intelligence
• Logical reasoning
• Measurement skills
• Visual perceptual processing skills
• Lateral thinking
• Patience and concentration
• Overall cognitive development

With Djeco’s Eduludo series, kids can now learn basic concepts and skills through sessions of fun and play. Designed for toddlers and ranging from basic concepts such as colours, numbers, alphabets, and shapes, to more advanced skill sets involving memory, observation, association, cross-referencing, active listening, and even logical reasoning; this wonderful collection of games livens up traditional routes of learning, and transform your child’s first steps of education into a more delightful and interactive activity.

Set includes: 48 wooden calculation sticks of varying lengths, 24 challenge cards

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Dimension Approx. 21.5 x 4 x 21.5 cm (packaging)
Age 4 YEARS & UP
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