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Founded in 1954 in the heart of Paris, Djeco is the leading innovator of whimsically designed toys that inspires artistic learning through play; with an extensive portfolio of toys, games, crafts, and decor pieces that awaken young curiosities and enrich imaginations. Every Djeco toy is a whirlwind idea come to life, with endless opportunities for discovery, fun, and creativity to flourish.

Developing Early Appreciation for the Arts
At the heart of Djeco lies an indisputable passion for the Arts that is instantly recognizable in any toy, craft, game, or home piece that you pick. Always packed with colours and quirk, its soulful personality inspires spontaneity, positive energy, as well as an innate sense of aesthetics, slowly developing a person's appreciation for the arts through continued interaction and play.

Collaborations With Professional Illustrators and Designers
Many Djeco illustrations and themes are specially designed by professional artists around the world, most of whom are known for their folksy, whimsical, and sometimes even hauntingly beautiful styles. Its bestselling range of 'Design By... ' craft kits - which teaches a wide variety of arts and crafts techniques- even take on some of these world renowned artists as 'mentors', who are heavily involved in conceptualising and developing craft kits that guide users to master a specific artistic style or technique in an easy and systematic matter. Popular artists include (but are not limited to) Elodie Neuhen, Aurelie Fronty, Chichi Huang, Elene Usdin, and Charlotte Gastaut.

Art of Museum-worthy Standards
Djeco has some of its earliest creations in famous museums such as the Louvre in Paris and the Tate in London. Its newer designs are also sourced by many other museums around the world, including France's Quai Branly, the International Museum of Children´s Art in Norway; and even New York's very own MoMA!

In 2018, the Musée de l'illustration jeunesse moulins (Museum of Children's lllustration Moulins) in France even housed a Djeco exhibition, showcasing 200 original Djeco-commissioned pieces from 30 world-renowned illustrators - all with the same signature splash of beautiful, wildly imaginative visuals that we have come to love and expect only from Djeco .

'My Little Big Room' - Beautiful Pieces For the Well-designed Home
Djeco's 'My Little Big Room' decor range inspires thoughtful living with its light colours, whimsical designs, and eclectic innovations. Whether it's a visual or practical idea that you're looking for, its selection will rejuvenate rooms and help you and the little ones express your personal styles in the wildest way possible.

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