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PAPO      |     3 years & up

Realistic detailing and incredible paintwork are what set PAPO's marine animal figurines ahead of the rest. Each figurine is hand painted and manufactured according to strict EN-71 specifications; with meticulous attention paid to details like scale, posture, weight, and even texturing for optimal realism.

Papo's Manta Ray figurine impressively features all the tiny little details that characterizes this docile and inoffensive planktivorous creature; including its two large fins, five pairs of gills, its two signature horns at the front of its head - and even a black back that contrasts with its white belly! Like all PAPO figurines, this Dolphin is made from non-toxic plastic and is BPA and phthalate-free, and is the perfect first piece to kick start any aquatic play collection.


• The main difference between a manta ray and a sting ray? One can kill, and the other doesn't. While both fall under the family of Rays, the Manta Ray is one of the gentlest and most harmless sea creatures; and do not come equipped with stingers.

• That said, they both look extremely similar though, so you'd want to look out for the main difference in their face in case you ever get caught in a sticky situation and can't tell which one you're with! A stingray's mouth is located on the underside of its body, whereas the mouth of the manta ray is along the front edge of its body (just like the one on this figurine!).

• Very unfortunately, Manta Rays are often hunted for their gill rakers, which is highly valuable in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its conservation status is currently classified as Vulnerable; a news not made any more positive by the fact that Manta Rays reproduce very, very slowly and deliver only one pup every three to four years.

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Dimension Approx. 18 x 14 x 2.5 cm
Age 3 YEARS & UP
Brand Papo
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