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HEADU      |     5 years & up

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Embark on a grand journey of discovery with this massive World Tour Giant Puzzle! Discover continents, countries, landmarks, animals - and even the different flora and fauna of the world!

Comes with 25 3D animal cut-outs for added tactile value - can you tell what habitat/country each one can be found; and do you know where that is on the map?

A wonderful learning aid to drive discussions about customs, traditions, history, and cultures around the world.

• Problem solving and spatial reasoning
• Analytical and logical thinking
• Kinesthetic learning
• Tactile exploration
• Sensory coordination
• Linguistic skills
• Geographical knowlege
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem
• Creativity and imagination

Headu embraces Howard Gardner's Multiple Forms of Intelligences, and meticulously constructs the learning value of their puzzles to encompass Mulitiple Modalities of Learning for a more holistic learning experience. Click here to find out more about the Seven Intelligences .

Puzzle measures 63 x 94 cm when complete. All pieces are constructed from high-quality laminated cardboard; and is made to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play.

Set includes: 216 puzzle pieces,25 3-D elements

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