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HABA Germany      |     2 years & up

[Credit: Toy Reviews]

A cooperative game of blocks-collecting that hones shape and colour recognition in little tots.

Players take turns throwing the dice and collecting building blocks from the quarry to fill their cards before the Sun sets - but be quick! If your dice lands on the Sun symbol, 'time passes' and the Sun moves one step closer the the end of the line!

A highly engaging game for early learners that can be modified to varying complexities and emotional levels. For instance, you can introduce the concept of 'missing a turn', or playing competitively instead of together as a team - in order to explore the management of emotions when coping with a defeat or an unpleasant turn of events. (Click here for full game instructions in English [Page 3].)

Encourage unstructured play with younger ones by constructing houses, towers, towns and cities with the building blocks. Role play around the theme of construction building, and promote your child's imaginative skills by creating stories and scenarios!

• Shape and colour recognition
• Eye-hand coordination
• Creativity and imagination
• Collaborative and social skills
• Communicative skills
• Group/family bonding

Designed for kids as young as 2 years old, HABA's range of 'My Very First Games' help little ones grow accustomed to gaming basics such as rules (understanding there is a certain way to play), taking turns (social cooperation), and winning/losing. Their age and skill appropriateness make them a wonderful introduction into the world of board and card games, allowing first players an opportunity to get in on the fun without the stress.

All wooden game parts are made in Germany from FSC-certified solid beech wood and coloured with water-based non-toxic dyes. Exceeds all European and American toy safety standards and is safe for play - even for our really little ones.

1 - 3 Players | Set includes: 1 construction site (bottom part of game box), 1 play figure Matt, head of the construction site, 1 truck with construction worker Tim, 12 building blocks (3 square cubes, 3 cuboids, 3 half cylinder roofs, 3 triangle roofs), 1 sun, 6 building lots, 1 die, 1 set of game instructions

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Dimension Approx. 27,0 x 6.5 x 37 cm (packaging)
Age 2 YEARS & UP
Brand HABA
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