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HABA Germany      |     4 years & up

[Credit: Purge Reviews]

Can you work together to collect all the food before winter?

In this fun game that requires cooperation from all players, the team works together to try and store all the carrots, clovers, and wheat before winter comes. Players take turns rolling the dice and then moving a corresponding number of spaces through the vast tunnel network. After every move, a leaf falls from the tree - and the challenge is to harvest all food before the tree goes bare!

Lots of decisions await: do you work together in a 'chain'-like fashion, or does everyone go about doing their own thing? The first strategy seems to work more effectively for us, but tell us if you manage to pull it off with the latter!

Click here for full game instructions in English [Page 2].)

• Joint decision-making
• Teamwork and collaborative play
• Strategic thinking Tactical planning
• Social integration
• Group/family bonding

An easy-to-understand cooperation game that proves tons of fun even for the adults!

1 - 4 players | Set includes: 4 hamsters,1 hedgehog 12 food tiles (4 carrots, 4 clover leaves & 4 ears of wheat), 1 game board, 1 elevator, 1 hamster wheel, 1 wagon, 1 gondola, 14 tree leaves, 1 die, set of game instructions

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Dimension Approx. 21.9 x 5 x 21.9 cm (packaging)
Age 4 YEARS & UP
Brand HABA
Assembly Not required
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