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HABA Germany      |     6 years & up

A fast-paced game of speed and observation that is sure to send all sorcerers into chaos!

Every player starts out with the same number of Ingredient Cards, with a common goal to complete as many potion spells as possible.

When a Recipe Card is turned over, all players simultaneous flip through their own deck (one at a time) to find matching ingredients. Got one? Great! Place it aside, because when you manage to collect all 5 ingredients needed to complete that particular recipe, the potion is yours to keep! Be the first to collect three and you win! (Click here for full game instructions in English [Page 7].)

• Visual observation
• Speed & reaction
• Attention span
• focus
• Group/family bonding

A super fun, speed-fuelled game that develops a player's ability to coordinate their observational and reactionary functions; as well as encourages longer attention span and focus.

2 - 6 players | Set includes: 90 ingredients cards, 20 recipe cards, 1 Witch figurine, 1 set of game instructions

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Dimension Approx. 10.8 x 3 x 13.9 cm (packaging)
Age 6 YEARS & UP
Brand HABA
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