We know you’ve been holding out a long time for this one, so we’re not going to waste another second. Have a smashin’ time checking out all of Djeco’s latest and greatest in its world of art this season – we know we had a wild time going through them all!

Every season, Djeco explores a couple of new workshop kits with key never-featured-before techniques, and this one’s really rocking our socks at the moment.

An embroidery technique that knits in vertical loops, these fresh kits on the block teach drop-stitch better than any video tutorial you may find – and it comes with all the materials you need to kick start your first foray into drop-stitching. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any experience or feel a little un-confident with sewing needles – this one’s meant to take you on from scratch!

French illustator Elodie Nouhen returns with what is perhaps the most anticipated workshop kit since her original Watercolour Pencils Workshop. Here, she continues to share important watercolour techniques which she applies in her daily works, including the blending, layering, and texturing of colours; as well as the manipulation of saturation by working gradients from light to dark and dry vs wet.

Looks simple enough? It might be, it might not be – you’ll never know until you try. Either way, this is definitely our top pick of the lot because Djeco’s instructions (by way of Nouhen) is easy to understand and makes this intricate and challenging painting technique appear almost effortless. Even if you don’t turn pro, expect to walk away from this workshop with a brand new art skill that you can flaunt over again in future craft projects.

It’s like colouring with lipstick – that’s how smooth Djeco’s gel pastels are. This multi-dimensional workshop comes with 4 main illustrated cardboard sheets, with additional press-outs to be superimposed for completion. Budding artists use the wonder gel pastel crayons provided to colour, blend, and add texture to the canvas – don’t forget the part where you use the scraping tool to add meticulous touches of detailing to your masterpiece!

Too swell for gel? Give these oil pastels a good go instead. This simple change of medium can add a very dramatic effect to your work of art, as exemplified in this workshop kit that teaches critical oil pastel techniques like layering, underpainting, and blending – the last of which is known to be a notorious challenge with oil pastels.

But don’t worry, the superior quality oil pastel crayons provided in this kit makes all the difference; so grab some paper towels and old newspapers and get cracking!

Colour in these enchanted fairies and piece them together with the split pin fasteners provided – your very own autumnal adventure awaits with this quick Jumping Jacks craft!

Use your complete masterpieces as dancing puppets; put them in between pages as bookmarks; design a customized mobile, or simply keep them as they are for display – these whimsical fairies will prove as functional as they are beautiful!


Here’s one for the littler tots. This Magic Felt Tips Workshop allows budding fashion artists to put their own spin on a variety of clothing pieces by first colouring them out with the normal felt tip pens provided; and then finishing off with the magic felt tip pen, which transforms existing colours into different contrasting colours.

Can’t seem to keep within the lines quite yet? Don’t worry, simply press out the perforated clothing pieces after you’re done decorating for a perfected finish. An exciting workshop kit that is guaranteed to send your starting doodlers into a flurry of delight!

Can’t keep their hands to themselves? These Easy Origami Quick Craft Sets might just do the trick! Don’t be fooled by the complex aesthetics – these animals are actually extremely easy to fold; all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to become an Origami Extraordinaire in no time!

This workshop kit is basically what happens when you love pompoms so much, it literally becomes the whole idea behind your art. Add a dash of texture to the picture cards by gluing on the pompoms provided – if you’re feeling a little quirkier, mix up the colours and create multi-coloured flowers, rainbows, star trails, and more!

Here’s an awesome activity for indoor days! This two-step paper toy set doesn’t just involve folding and sticking- you actually get to decorate how these creatures look too! Simply choose the decals you want on each paper animal or pirate, and then transfer them over by rubbing it on! An excellent way of boosting dexterity while developing young creativity and imaginations!

Djeco’s on a roll with simplified crafts for our 3-6ers this season! This final one for the tots is a simplified version of its existing Scratch Board Sets, which basically involves scratching away on the matte foil surface to uncover a whole new colourful world hidden right underneath!

Make dashes, squiggles, crosses, and checks! This beautiful masterpiece comes out as intricately detailed as you want it to be. Tentative doodlers may look to the instruction booklet for inspiration; while expert creatives are more than welcome to scratch away to their own works of art!

Another Glitter Boards Workshop with more than enough sparkle to brighten up any room!

Complete with 6 shimmery tubes of glitter, all you need to do is peel off the adhesive sections, pour out your coloured glitter of choice, and brush over to fully cover the exposed surface. Repeat the same for the other sections, dust off the excess, and voila!

Your very own glimmering masterpiece!

Afraid of the mess? Parents, kids, and helpers will love clearing up after this activity: specially designed with a small cut at the corner of the box, simply sweep all unused glitter into the box, tilt the case, and pour it back into their tubes!

And we’re ending this mighty packed post with the grandest drop of the lot!

This season, Djeco adds 3 new themes to its range of Gouache Painting-by-Numbers Workshop Kits, all of which utilize the gentle, versatile medium of gouache paints to create vibrant, luminous works of art. These paints have a lovely heavy but velvety texture which absorbs light when dried, giving your final works a luxuriously smooth appearance.

We really can’t seem to pick one as a favourite because the illustrations are beyond gorgeous in each kit; but don’t let us muddle you! We’re pretty sure there’s one out of the three that’s already really speaking to you right now!


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