From the world’s oldest toy brand comes an all-new plush range for fans of all ages!

Steiff’s Soft Cuddly Friends, which consist of sleek contemporary plush designs crafted in time-honoured styles, feature on-trend colour palettes, silky sumptuous fabrics, and softer-than-usual stuffing that make them all the comfier to cuddle!

Not content to merely sit on a collector’s shelf, these snuggly playthings are designed to be your little one’s cherished companions, day in and out. They come available as safety blankies, textured rattles, and plushies of various sizes, providing extra large portions of affection, comfort, and support with uncompromising perfection.

As with all Steiff animals before them, Steiff’s Soft Cuddly Friends come with the same unrivalled quality and safety standards, with the finest plush materials and seam workmanship that ensure they last you a lifetime. The unmistakable yellow button-in-ear tag keeps these new additions in line with Steiff’s long-standing tradition; and reminds us that, when it comes to our children, indeed, Only The Best Is Good Enough. 


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