Why settle for one activity when you can rock the full spectrum?

Today, we’re scoping out the rest of our SES newbies – and trust us, it’s going to be good ol’ fun in full swing. Is your little creator an artist, a crafter, a tinkerer, or just someone who enjoys play a little slimier and, bubblier? If you just nodded yes to any of the above, then you’ll wanna take a look at these newly released finds; we’re about to inspire you with lofty ideas for the next play time!

Check out these latest Iron-on drops! This year, Birds and Mermaids make it to the range, allowing you another hundred and one ways to mix, match, and mismatch those colourful beads for the most beautiful birds and magical mermaids! P.S.: The Mermaid set actually comes with glitter beads – the first we’ve ever seen – and we honestly can’t imagine them better on anything else than, well, mermaids!

No, we do not have an obsession with mermaids. We just… really… like… things… from… under the sea?

Fine. So we might actually really favour glittery, sparkly things – but wouldn’t you agree that it’s all for good reason?? Besides, let’s not lose the real point of this craft kit here; which is that, after your little one is done with their works of art, they would pretty much have picked up a very nifty craft technique that they can continue to apply in future projects as they progress through their primary and secondary school years (and even beyond). Simply head down to the beach to collect some shells, bring out those paints and brushes, and repeat!

Okay, so, we all know you can blow bubbles.. but did you know you can actually bounce bubbles too???

We’re not even kidding. In fact, don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself with this activity set, which comes with a padded racket and an extra strong SES soap solution to ensure your bubbles last long and strong as you bounce them around in the air.

Time to bring out those head and wrist bands, folks – this tennis game is about to get real!

Ah, more fresh-faced debuts in our existing craft range.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own figurines – or at least, craft something from scratch, these sets are as ‘raw’ as they get. Make your own plaster with the moulding powder provided; then proceed to cast them in ‘stone’! But wait, that’s not even the fun part – once they settle and you get your own solid figurines, start painting to complete your masterpiece. Everything is provided – even the paint brushes and glitter – so crafting can begin immediately without ado!

These things might give us goosebumps in real life; but we have to admit, when constructed from metal and foam, they’re actually kinda really cool.

Scorpion, spider, or wasp? This construction set allows budding inventors to build, create, and recreate these creepy crawlies with nothing more than a screwdriver and a wrench; and even comes with illustrated instructions that details exactly what to do every step of the way. If you’re looking for a toy that hones focus, strategic thinking and creative problem solving, this STEM gem is the one.

Ever saw a questionable looking tea set and thought to yourself, “I can do Better“?

Well, now you actually can.

This 13-part tea set consists of four cups and saucers, a milk jug, a sugar pot and a teapot – and it isn’t all just fun and games. After you’ve decked them out in your favourite colours, bake them in the oven to seal in your detailing. Don’t forget to enjoy a nice cup of tea with your friends after – these usable dinnerware is safe to wash in dishwashers, and is guaranteed to be the talking point of the afternoon.

Do we hear a collective ‘FINALLY!‘ from all across the nation?

Technically, slime isn’t so much a new innovation than a revived trend- but so nifty are our young these days that this time round, this age-old novelty has come back goopier and more glamourous than before. Gone are the days where slime was simply just green and, well, slimy. Now, it comes in a variety of colour blends and scents, some dusted with glitter or coloured beads; some with multi-coloured mini foam balls or sequins… and just about anything that looks awesome embedded in slime. It’s gumption we love, but amidst the glue and borax that are typically used in homemade solutions comes the highly disturbing question about safety.

Thankfully, with SES’s Slime Lab kit, you can rest assured that your kids’ slime experiments will always be non-toxic without the compromise on fun. The compound is borax-free, and even comes with coloured dyes that allow you to concoct your slime in 3 different colours. And while you get a tube of glitter with this kit, feel free to get creative with beads, sequins, and more!


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