It’s that time of the year again where the old and the new comes pouring in, and this year, SES Creative takes the charge! Prepare to be gobsmacked by the line-up – we’re talking silkscreening, making your own plush toys, decorating your own Matryoshkas from scratch… and there’s even a couple of Science kits that will definitely get the older ones in a flurry! What are you waiting for, scroll into the new right away!

Fascinate little fingers!

This wonderful sensorial bead set not only encourages lots of explorative fun as your little baby learn to make sense of the different textures, colours, and shapes around them – but it also allows you the rare opportunity of introducing the fine art of lacing to them from as young as 12 months!

This brand new member of SES’s ‘My First’ series comes with 9 super chunky beads made from foam, plastic, or wood; and includes safety connecting cables that detach easily when tugged from either end, eliminating any choking hazard possibilities associated with this fun developmental activity. We’d list the endless developmental benefits of engaging with this activity here, but we’ve already got them covered on our site so head over to take a look! | Recommended Age: 12 months & up

True safety in play comes from knowing how to use tools the correct way – which makes this a super safe introductory set to the world of construction and woodwork!

Safety plastic nails and a lightweight wooden hammer provide a safe environment for little carpenters to explore, practise, and create their first woodwork masterpieces. Holes on the assorted wooden pieces are also well-spaced to prevent mishaps and encourage more precise hammering. With well-rounded contours with no sharp edges or dangerous parts; we find this a fantastic set for developing eye-hand coordination, spatial reasoning, creativity and the imagination! | Recommended Age: 3 years & up

Talk about making your own friends!

This really fun home project comes with everything you need to create 2 super cute, super cuddly plush toys, together with a pillow and even a blankie that fit snugly in the tin can! The cut felt comes with pre-punched holes that allows for easier stitching; and even includes a safety plastic needle that is super safe for young novice stitchers. A fun activity set that introduces the basic techniques of simple stuffed toy making to our little crafters.

Got more ideas? Grab more felt, thread, and wool, and get stitching! | Recommended Age: 5 years & up

Paint, decorate, then display! Each Matryoshka in this activity set splits in half at the mid section and opens to reveal another smaller doll nested within – and comes all ready for some full-on decoration!

Check out this video to put you on a spur!

Got craft materials on the side to spare? Why not throw in a sprinkle of glitter or gloss for the perfect set of limited edition nesting dolls! | Recommended Age: 5 years & up

Add some personality to your t-shirts, tote bags, napkins and more!

This extremely nifty stencil-based printing method is now available for budding designers to try their hand at; and comes with everything you need so that you may begin your foray into silkscreening stress-free! Comes with a complete set of silkscreening equipment, including even hypo-allergenic and gluten-free textile paints, a squeegee and even screen printing ink!

By the way, did you know silkscreening can also be used on cards, wrapping paper, and art prints? Simply repeat all that you’ve learned in this set; except this time, swap out your fabrics for paper (For the sharpest results, use Con-Tact paper!) | Recommended Age: 6 years & up

No electricity or batteries needed – this exciting Hydraulic Construction Set is all ready to show you just what water can do in the world of physics and energy!

A challenging but highly satisfying home project that guides budding engineers to build fully functional wooden models from scratch; after which the fundamentals of hydraulics come into play. Simply fill the syringe with water and push it through the tube to watch your models come to life – can you think of any structures in the world today that makes use of this extremely important mechanism to keep things running smoothly without any electrical help?

A wonderful home experiment kit that drives STEM learning* and provides valuable hands-on experience and insight into hydraulic-powered mechanisms; as well as how they are applied in the world today. Not only does it cultivate an early interest in Science, it also encourages a genuine and deeper exploration into various physical concepts involving motion, friction, thrust and propulsion. Who says Science can’t be play? | Recommended Age: 6 years & up

* STEM learning takes on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. It plants the seed for learning through inquiry and exploration; integrating the four subjects into one cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

Here’s another Science kit for the road! Learn to build working circuits in a safe and structured environment! Take a good look at the blueprints, then connect the various components together. Does the LED light turn on? Why, or why not? Why do some materials conduct electricity and others don’t?

A safe but challenging introduction to electronics that fosters hands-on learning through play. The blueprints provided are designed with varying levels of complexity, allowing for a progressive learning journey for budding electrical engineers.

An exciting hands-on home experiment kit that challenges kids to to discover, question, and learn just how much electrical circuits encompasses our everyday lives. | Recommended Age: 6 years & up


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