Pauline – along with a few other milestone animals such as the Jubilee Bear and the Elephant- was released in 2015 as part of a commemorative effort to mark Steiff’s 135th year in history.

Affectionately termed the ‘Seamstress Bear’ by many Steiff followers worldwide, Pauline is a symbolic representation of the industrious team of seamstresses who powered Steiff’s production house back in the 1900s, under the watchful guidance of Margarete Steiff herself. She dons a pinafore dress sewn from woven cotton material and braided in the Redwork embroidery – an exact replica of those worn by her human predecessors.

Perhaps one of the most incredible details of this Pauline Teddy Bear is the delicate glass splinter necklace that hangs around her neck: it is not acrylic, or glass, or even quartz, but a shard from the original  window pane which once lined the walls of the Steiff factory back in 1903. This factory was also famously known as the ‘Spinster’s Aquarium’, as people could stand outside and observe these talented women at work.

Keeping with tradition and excellent craftsmanship that is synonymous with the Steiff name, Steiff honours these extraordinary women of their time with the Pauline Teddy Bear. She is more than just a Worldwide Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces, but a distinguished part of Steiff’s history which will make it one of the rarest and most sought-after collectors’item in time.


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