The bewitching hours are here at last…
Are you ready for a Spooktacular Blast?

Whether you’re giving trick-or-treat a rest or planning to host a Halloween home party, we’re daring you to surprise the crowd with something different this year!

Gnats and lizards aren’t a must, but we highly recommend all players to pack on a pinch of mischief, a dollop of courage, and a cauldron’s full of spontaneity!

Game On, ghouls and souls!

#9: DJECO Mistiboo Card Game

A remake of the classic Old Maid card game, Djeco’s Mistiboo pretty much sticks to  the game’s original rules as you know them – with just one twist: all cards glow in the dark, and Old Maid is replaced by Mistiboo, the resident phosphorescent cat that will fill all hearts with dread!

Playing in super dark rooms or under covers will most definitely make this a spooktacular blast!

$17.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 4 and above. Game instructions included. 

#8: HABA Cauldron Chaos Card Game

It’s potion-making time! In this fast-paced speed and observation game, players race against each to be the first to complete three potion recipes – without making any mistakes! When you run out of ingredient cards in your own hand, then it’s time to start poking your noses in other players’ cards for self-assistance!

While simple enough to comprehend, the need for speed makes this an extremely challenging and heart-stopping game. We especially love how it intuitively sharpens our speed in making snap decisions, and our observation for things beyond our immediate visual fields!

$14.90 | Recommended for 2-6 players, aged 6 and above. Game instructions included. 

#6/#7: DJECO Piratatak/Diamoniak Card Game

Are you gunning to be a pirate tonight, or perhaps a groovy witch? Designed with identical game play, this fun-filled strategic adventure will have players attempting to complete constructing pirate ships/castles while fending out pirates/witches who are out to foil the plan!

What we absolutely love about Piratatak/Diamoniak is how much a little strategy can go a really long way. Are you a decisive risk-taker, or a careful and calculated watcher? There isn’t one correct strategy to adopt – after all, it all comes down to how acute you are at executing these strategies. But, it does provide wonderful insight into the personalities of those you’re up against, and perhaps even help you understand yourself a little more!

$17.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 5 and above. Game instructions included. 

#5: DJECO ChapoMagic Card Game 

Nothing like a little magical mayhem to keep those Halloween jitters afloat – this intensive memory game packs all it takes to keep those brain juices bubbling! From switching cards around to placing them back in the pile to passing it on to the next players, pretty soon, even the simple task of memorizing colours gets all mumbly jumbly ! Only the most focused memory magicians will make it out of this card game unscathed!

$17.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 6 and above. Game instructions included. 

 #4: HABA Chief Boom Pat-a-bang Board Game

Time to summon the tribe, so open those ears and give the chief your full attention! Players take turns acting as chief, whose role is to mentally pick any card on the table and translate the depicted motifs into a rhythm sequence using the tambourine drum and hand swatter. While this is happening, all other players simultaneously try to identify just which card the chief is trying to replicate!

It’s a serious work of concentration and observation, not to mention having a good ear for rhythm that will really put you ahead of the rest in this game!

$49.90 | Recommended for 3-5 players, aged 6 and above. Game instructions included. 

*STAFF PICK!* #3: HABA Karuba Board Game

Put that mettle to the test! This terrific route-building race game comes highly recommended by the Better team as a unanimous favourite, so you know it’s got to be a good one!

Suited for older players, this is one serious game of strategy, decision making, risk-taking, impulse control, and basically all executive functions that develops your cognitive flexibility – so in summary, a real brain workout for those involved.

Don’t let that scare you though – Karuba is meant to hone your mental processes with time; so if you’re keen on sharpening your thinking, it’s the perfect way of doing so with lots of strategic fun in tow!

$69.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 8 and above. Game instructions included. 

#2: HABA Dancing Eggs Family Game

Having a stay-home party? Looking for something a little more boisterous? HABA’s Dancing Eggs will do the trick.

Players take turns throwing the white dice, which gives everyone different opportunities to snag an egg – and the more eggs you have, the more points you get. But, every time you get an egg, the red dice will dictate just where you need to stash it. Under your chin? Between your knees? Inside your elbow? Yikes!

And just when you think you’re about to drop ’em all, someone might end up throwing the ‘Egg Dance’ symbol on the white dice, which requires all players to run around the table with eggs in tow – now let’s see just how many you manage to clutch on to after all that hullabaloo!

$39.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 5 and above. Game instructions included. 

#1: HABA Pirate Treasure Dash

And what better way to complete a Halloween party than to host your very own treasure hunt? A clever quality game that bagged the prestigious Austrian Game of the Year Award in 2014, this fast-paced action game requires players to go around the house locating hidden chests in order to get rid of their own hand of cards. Varying levels of difficulty are available to make the game more challenging for seasoned swashbucklers, or easier for beginner buccaneers; making this a fantastic run-around-and-laugh-your-head-off game!

Bring this outdoors for more rambunctious fun – on Halloween’s night, you never what else you’ll find along the way!

$59.90 | Recommended for 2-4 players, aged 7 and above. Game instructions included. 


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