What are some ways you keep the kids motivated during the holidays?

For us, Djeco’s comprehensive workshop kits have always worked like magic no matter the age; which is why this week, we’re reviewing our 5 favourite artists from French brand Djeco!

Creatives by day and dreamers by night, these illustration professionals (together with many others) are specially commissioned by Djeco to develop meaning craft workshop kits for kids, allowing them the opportunity to try their hands at various art techniques across an extensive range of media; and picking up the nifty skills and know-how to think out of the box when creating beautiful art projects on their own.

Read on to learn more about the maestros behind some of your most favourite workshop kits of all time! 


A painter, illustrator, and textile artist, Paris-born-and-bred Aurelia Fronty’s illustrations are always abundant with playful characters, patterns, textures and unique color palettes; and this is perhaps what makes her work instantly recognizable and distinguishable from the rest.

Embedded with a strong sense of playfulness, Fronty’s illustrations have a charming folk-art quality to them, and can be found across a wide range of Djeco products, including jigsaw puzzles, stickers, stationery supplies, toys, and even as part of the brand’s home decor range.

Our favourite Aurelia Fronty workshop kits allow kids (or even adults!) to experiment with two very different kinds of art techniques – felt brush colouring, and foil applique. While no drawing or designing is required, the art-by-number concept for both kits is an eye-opener to the meticulous detailing required to achieve Fronty’s level of whimsy; leaving us with a better appreciation for her dynamic, flowing illustrative style.


Elodie Nouhen’s works evoke an eternal spring feeling with her soft, utopian creative style. Although there is a varied interest in her subjects, all illustrations share one thing in common, in that they are often inspired by the wonderful in the ordinary.

Expect to find a masquerade of re-imagined everyday things and objects in Elodie Nouhen’s workshop kits. Available in an extensive variety of art media including foil applique, embroidery, paper craft, silk painting, and felt brush colouring, our top pick to date is perhaps her watercolour pencils workshop; in which she shares important watercolour techniques that she actually uses in her daily works, including the blending, layering, and texturing of colours; as well as the manipulation of saturation by working gradients from light to dark and dry vs wet.


You are forgiven if you can’t shake this strange feeling of a mysterious glow from Charlotte Gastaut’s illustrations. This France-based artist is known for reinventing enchanted worlds where colors abound and detailing illuminates; with an acute touch of delicateness to profile characters that bring her works to life. This is explored in one of Djeco’s bestselling Glitter Board Workshop Kits, which guides users to utilize glitter (and optional sequins) to sophisticate dreamscapes.

Gastaut’s subtle style and clever colour palettes create a nice, consistent ambience in her imagery; which is perhaps, most evident in her felt brushes workshop kits. With two different themes to choose from, users get a handmade insight into achieving her uniquely whimsical style using a combination of felt tips and brush paint; considering the well strategized use of colours and patterns as they set out to complete her works.


A photographer by day and dreamer by night, Elene Usdin’s works are strongly characterized by hauntingly beautiful graphics and patterns highly reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s artistic style. Her striking and versatile approach to the arts embodies a strong narrative feel, with an unabashedly fearless execution of lines, curves, colours, and patterns to create complicated, motif-heavy content out of pure imagination.

An excruciating attention to detail is a mainstay across all of Djeco’s Elene Usdin Workshop kits. Users are taken on an introspective journey as they learn the art technique of using tiny little details and patterning to bring life to a portrait. Patience is an integral part of the process when taking on one of these advanced kits – but there is no denying the immense satisfaction from single-handedly finishing one of these exquisite masterpieces.


Ilya Green’s style is easily recognizable by the poetic blend of colours and lines which permeate her drawings. Well-known for using an extensive range of techniques for her works (such as coloring, painting, paper cutting, tracing, fabric patterning and more), her portfolio is impressively textural, colourful, and quaint; and usually tied together with an awe-inspiring delicate palette.

Green’s workshop collaboration with Djeco combines her passion for multi-materials and soft blends in a refreshing papercraft kit and an embroidery set. In these she teaches the use of embellishments (such as sequins and simple thread) to evoke life from everyday items, inspiring grander ideas that can be undertaken as separate projects as our little creatives continue to explore and hone their artistic flair. 


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