These freshly stocked foodie finds have got our tummies rumbling for real!

Any food is our kind of food – even when they’re not real! HABA’s fresh off the ship this month, which means plenty loads of brand new goodies – especially for us foodies!

What We Like:
- Comes with a melamine serving plate that’s really usable.
- Features tiny complements, including cute little fabric meatballs, tomato slices and sauce – and even a couple of basil leaves!
- Have your little ones have been trying hard to eat spaghetti like the big people do? If so, this set is the perfect and mess-free way to help them perfect their manual dexterity in twirling their pasta around forks!

What We Like:
- Heart-shaped waffle slices are held together with velcro, and can be detached for more dynamic imaginative play.
- Dressings, dressings, dressings! What’s a waffle without berries, cream, and a splash of compote?

Okay, so, we all know you can blow bubbles.. but did you know you can actually bounce bubbles too???

What We Like:
- Grinders that really grind! Twist these about to hear the satisfying crunch of pretend salt and pepper being grinded to bits!
- Chunky and easy to grasp – just the perfect size for toddler chefs who have only just begun their foray into the pretend culinary world.

What We Like:
- An egg so real you’ll have to remember not to eat it! The two-part metal shell of this fried egg cracks open to reveal an inner fabric egg, bringing lots of surprise and excitement into pretend play!

What We Like:
- Comes with a sushi serving plate and even bento grass – talk about detailing to the tee!
- A pair of chopsticks are also included, making this an extremely nifty set to develop your kid’s tripod grip and chopstick skills to expert levels!

What We Like:
- Designed with detachable wings and drumsticks that stick on with velcro – a proven hit at parties with both kids and adults!
- A fully fabric toy; safe, even for the really young ones.

What We Like:
- Double-sided ice cream scoops give you greater versatility during play – simply flip them around and you’ll have a total of 4 flavours to choose from!
- Excellent for tactile exploration – the scoops are embroidered with varied stitching for added texture – two flavours even have beads sewn on top for better sensory experience.

What We Like:
- Designed with 5 watermelon slices that are held together with velcro attachments.
Comes with a safety plastic knife that slices easily through the watermelon slices, creating a satisfying crunchy sound that is sure to delight lil ones!


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