Sun’s out, fun’s out!

It’s no surprise we’re looking back and wondering where the weekend went – HABA’s latest Terra Kids and Sand Play toys have got our outdoor fun meter wavering on an all-time high!

This week, we’re uncovering HABA’s latest releases from its Beach Play and Terra Kids range. If you’re gliding through the holidays with lots of sun, sand, and sea in your pockets, you’ll have to check out these finds – they’re guaranteed to complement all fun times ahead!


If you’re looking for sand play toys that actually lasts, HABA’s range is probably the only one you need.

Crafted from high quality polypropylene plastic, these sturdy beach gear is made to withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor play – which means you’ll probably never have to buy the same thing twice (unless you lose it at the beach).

This season, we’re loading up on Sun Bistro, a sub-range of sand tools that allow budding sand artists to craft out the most sumptuous sand food from creative molds and stamps! Our top pick has got to be the Sun Bistro Creative Sand Toys Set: Complete with a sausage cutter, cupcake mold, roll shaper, sand shaker, cake server, knife, teaspoon, a fork-spoon combo, and even a serving plate, you’re set to bake, decorate and serve to your hearts’ desire under the blazing sun!


Featuring a wide spectrum of working gear, tools, and equipment for the great outdoors, HABA’s Terra Kids range needs no introduction to the seasoned adventurer. We highly recommend the Magnifying Glass for brand new explorers: this ingenious innovation is designed with 2 chunky handles for easy handling, and can even be observed from above (6x magnification) and below (4x magnification)! This nifty contraption is even designed with a nylon strap and aluminum carabiner, making it easy to carry and keep accessible on all field trips. Got a little veteran marauder in your hands? Don’t miss the Spyglass; this amazing gadget is designed from metal, and boasts a whopping 30x magnification!


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