A child’s mind once stretched, never returns to its original dimension. Which is why we don’t just believe in engaging our children with marble runs, we believe in exposing them to it as early as possible.

This season, we’re equalling the playing field with HABA’s First Marble Run Sets for tots as little as 18 months. These sets are designed with various visual, auditory and tactile features, providing an exciting multi-sensory experience for both tot and adult. Scalable and modular, they can even be combined with each other to make larger, more spectacular runs – and the best part is that there’s no right or wrong. Simply sprinkle a dash of creativity and imagination, and see how far that takes you!

Slopes, bends, twists and turns – Marble Runs don’t just build on eye-hand coordination and spatial skills, it also hones problem solving, lateral thinking, engineering, and mathematical abilities.

As with all building toys, things do get a little out of hand with our eager beavers sometimes. If you need help keeping order in the playroom, here’s some tips and tricks that have worked for us over time:

1. Establish an understanding that this isn’t a toy that sits out and gets to be played with any time. Schedule specific times or days that it gets to be played with; and even then, only with an adult on hand.

2. Thankfully, HABA’s Marbles for First Tracks are chunky and won’t typically pose a choking hazard for little tots. Even so, develop the habit of taking them out only when you’re ready to test the run. If there is an older sibling in tow, designate him/her to be in charge of marble count at all times.

3. Communicate your expectations that they are to help clean up when play time is over. To transform this from chore to game, set fun tasks like, “Pick up only the yellow tracks”; or “pass me only the blue blocks”; or even introduce timers to turn it into a speed challenge of sorts!


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