In case you haven’t already heard, we’re SWAMPED with a truckload of Djeco goodies right now – and what better way to kick off this season’s top new reviews than with a little razzle dazzle?

Behold, our top 7 craft picks from Djeco this holidays (with a whole bunch more instore!)

Another Glitter Boards Craft Kit joins the lot! Surrounded by bouquets, buds, and branches, Scent of Flowers features four beautifully detailed sticky-faced boards that artsy fingers can bring to life in a twinkle. Simply peel away the covering from each numbered area using the special stick provided, sprinkle the glitter over, and then perfect it with the brush!

Like its predecessors, the box of this kit is cleverly designed with a cut in the corner so that excess glitter can be easily swept in and funnelled back into its original tubes. Talk about easy clean-up! | 7yrs & up | $29.90

Here’s another one for the papercraft fanatics out there. We heard you guys loved the Iris Folding Craft Kit from before so much that we couldn’t help throwing this into the batch this round! Because it’s one thing to be able to make great accessories – but to make great accessories out of paper?

Don’t worry if you haven’t got experience. This kit comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet that details everything you need to do, together with all the decoratives you need to craft out some serious fashion bracelets for you and your crew. | 7yrs & up | $29.90 |

Tis the season to make your gift stand out from the rest!

This nifty decorating box contains a colourful assortment of stickers, stamps, shapes and strings to help you make your presents that extra bit special. The tags even come with metallic and sparkly finishes – plenty of heart to create a stunning finish! | 7yrs & up | $29.90 |

If you’re into having cool animal heads on your wall but aren’t quite into taxidermy, this just might be the craft kit for you. A fox, mouse, tiger, rabbit – to name a few; all to be decorated with a range of stickers, moustaches, whiskers, and even pompom noses before you hang them up on the wall as prized possessions. An excellent craft-ivity – especially for the younger ones! | 3yrs & up | $18.90 |

And while we’re still on the topic of animal specimens… how about a little something for our budding entomologists?

This amazing workshop guides crafters to colour in pre-drawn paper insects with the exceptional quality felt brushes provided; and then set them in the colour frames as specimen exhibits! If you’ve got a nature collector on hand, this is a must-have to make their holiday dreams come true! | 8yrs & up | $49.90 |

Ahoy sailors! Here’s one craft kit you’d want to check out! This swashbuckling origami set comes with all the materials you need to make 15 boats – and get this: they’re waterproof, so go ahead and make some to set sail! | 6 yrs & up | $16.90 |

We’ve always been great fans of Djeco’s Paperdoll Craft Sets, so the introduction of this brand new range naturally blew us away.

With 6 different designs to choose from, each set comes with perforated cardboard that easily assembles into a figure; after which a different craft technique is applied to dress up the dolls – from markers to metallic pens to glitters, stickers, sequin embellishments and more! Our personal favourite has got to be Miss Bliss, which uses tiny little pompoms to pretty up her poufy paper skirt and antlers! How precious! | 7yrs & up | $29.90 |


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