This year, Christmas Baker Teddy comes back to us dressed in his usual hat and apron, with his love for the holidays written all over. Rustic reddish-blond mohair fur, golden apron trimmings, snowflake-embroidered pockets; if that’s not enough clue, take in the festively decorated gingerbread cookie in one paw and a rocking horse cookie cutter in the other! This star baking definitely has a few ideas in mind, and he’s not letting this Christmas go without his homemade spread of treats to go along!

Crafted from the finest Schulte mohair and standing at a grand 40cm tall, Christmas Baker Teddy is Steiff’s 2015 Limited Edition Christmas release, with only 1000 pieces available worldwide. His classic face embodies the appeal and charm of historic Steiff teddy bears, with a handsome face that will fit right in the era of jointed bears handcrafted with sizeable paws, long snouts, and deepset eyes.

Things are definitely starting to get tasty around here, but wait a minute… did we just spot a wee little thing scampering across the floorboards?

Don’t hide those cookie crumbs just yet: here’s a mirthful Mouse that beams with all kinds of goodwill and cheer! Scurrying all over the house with a sprightly spirit, she fits perfectly in your hand or pocket, waiting to peek out at any given time for a nibble or a treat!

This dainty little Mouse is non-jointed and sewn from a decadent Treviva velvet, with wool felt paws, twinkling black eyes, acrylic whiskers and a pink, satin ribbon bow to complete the look. Delicate airbrushing has also been applied to create shading and depth, making her a priceless little charm to give to loved ones this Christmas.

Stay tuned for more exquisite Steiff specials coming your way over the next few weeks!


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