Think stencils are just… stencils? Think again.

With Djeco’s range of quick crafts, you can be sure even elementary art tools and techniques can give life to the most wondrous ideas. Good news is, we’ve got plenty of NEW to spare, so feel free to scroll on for some pretty nifty craft things that are quick to do, easy to understand, and limitless to explore.

The perfect no-mess stress if you’ve got an 18-month-old who can’t wait to get their craft on!

Simply fill the pen with water and start colouring over the pictures to reveal a stunning burst of surprises – this fun activity introduces first colouring in a safe and easy way that is worry-free for both parent and child; and the best part is, once the water dries, the colours disappear which means it’s time to start colouring all over again!

A definite confidence builder for our first artists, gearing them with the assurance they need to move on to more advanced art techniques with enthusiasm and aplomb! | Recommended Age: 18 mths+

What’s the ultimate motivation booster for a toddler who’s trying to colour within the lines? To see through a work of art where he actually manages to colour within the lines, of course.

This latest addition to Djeco’s range of Velvet Colouring activities features four different bird cutouts with black velvet edges so that your little one never colours over the lines – even when they do. Any mistakes are discreetly hidden amidst the velvet and never shown to the world; resulting in perfectly finished works of art even if those little hands drift off-course every once in a while! Colour pencils, crayons, or even paint can be used; but we strongly recommend felt markers for a bright, contrasting end result.

A real confidence booster that’s a definite must-have for budding artists! Recommended Age: 3 yrs+

A super fun create-with-stickers activity that never gets old!

The third in its series, this Sea Creatures edition offers a total of 16 bare sea creatures to dress up, with more than 483 motifs and stickers to choose from.

A fully detailed instruction booklets offers a plethora of examples to follow, but with four sheets to every design, your budding creators will be more than inspired to come up with their own masterpieces after a while! Recommended Age: 3 yrs+

We are big fans of Djeco’s rub-on decal transfers collection, so naturally these brand new additions score major bonus points from us.

Consisting of 3 illustrated scenes and 90 themed decals, Sugarland and Fashionista will prove to be an afternoon full of creative fun for your little tot. Simply position the chosen decal over where you want it to appear on the scene; use a pencil to scratch over it fully… and voila!

Continue to set the scene by filling it up with even more decals – what we really love about this activity is how super unstructured it is, meaning kids should be encouraged to engage their imaginations to the fullest to create their own works of art. (And don’t feel shy about joining in; trust us, you’ll be tempted to after a while!) | Recommended Age: 4 yrs+

You will be surprised at how this seemingly complex activity can prove to be perfectly apt even for our younger crafters.

Designed specially for little beginner hands, this starter origami set focuses on the basic concepts of paper folding, which involves eye-hand coordination, sequencing, spatial awareness – and of course, a dash of patience that always goes a long way.

This fun introduction to Origami allows your budding artist to create 12 faces and decorate them with the assortment of stickers provided, adding just the right amount of kookiness to an otherwise highly disciplined activity. | Recommended Age: 4 yrs+

More easy origami on the way – but this time, for the slightly more initiated!

Comes with very clear, step-by-step instructions that make these paper folding desserts a piece of cake; but don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time round. This super delicious Origami edition comes with a total of 24 printed sheets that allows you to make 12 different kinds of sweet treats twice, meaning twice the amount of sugar rush to go round the table! Recommended Age: 5 yrs+

Time for doodle envy! These brand new stencil sets are so spectacularly designed, it’s almost like buying an infinite coloring book that never runs out of pictures!

Each plastic stencil provides just the right amount of guidance and detailed inspiration for little creatives to illustrate at varying comfort levels, with plenty of colouring opportunities after! An excellent drawing & colouring activity that truly provides a channel for our growing artists to be visionary and innovative even in the simplest drawings. | Recommended Age: 4 yrs+

Let Creativity be your guiding star in this mesmerizing colouring activity! Each strip of intricately designed paper requires meticulous care and planning as you are filling in the colours; and when that’s done, simply fold them in to create your very own mandala! A meaningful quick craft set that encourages patience, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail – all in one sitting! | Recommended Age: 6 yrs+

If you haven’t heard of this really fab paper folding technique, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Also known as Flextangles, Kaleidocycles are hexagon-shaped paper figures that require you to work strips of paper together such that new and old pictures appear and reappear in a psychedelic loop depending on how you move them.

It definitely does sound more confusing than it really is, which is why we’ve included an independent video below to give you a more visual explanation on how kaleidocycles work, and how they look like from start to finish.


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