Steiff makes gifting magic again, with their all-new collection of 2017 Christmas releases.

In keeping with true Steiff tradition, our beloved plushmakers returns again this year with a fresh shed of holiday bears. If you have a penchant for collector bears with a distinct and striking personality, these warm and bright stars will fast make their way into your hearts.


Designed with a pristine coat and twinkling paws, there is no mistaking Stella as the true celebrity of Steiff’s 2017 Christmas season. This precious little starlet is sewn from decadently sumptuous white alpaca, with grey wool felt paws covered in tiny silver sequins for that perfect holiday shimmer. She has deep, glossy black eyes with a kissable hand-stitched silver nose and mouth; whilst a silver-coloured crystal star pendant is attached by a slim, white satin ribbon around her neck for keeps.

| $249 | 13cm, 5-way jointed | high-quality alpaca fur, white | a 2017 limited edition of 1,000 pieces | handmade in Germany | 


First there was the Christmas Baker’s Mouse, and then came the Christmas Mouse Bauble. This year, Steiff introduces the third rodent in their Christmas Mice Series, Lucy. Sporting a luxurious felt poinsettia on her chest, this wonderfully soft rodent is crafted from finest alpaca fur, and is 5-way jointed for better movability. Like her predecessors, Lucy prefers a well-stocked pantry, so don’t leave the door ajar unless you want her rummaging through your Christmas goodies! 

| $199 | 11cm, 5-way jointed | high-quality alpaca fur, grey/white | a 2017 limited edition of 1,500 pieces | handmade in Germany |


Bears never really go into deep slumber when hibernating during the winter, so while this snoozy grizzly may be looking forward to his long cosy rest amongst the moss and lichens, he’s also always just as ready for a holiday adventure. Crafted with steel granulate in his body, arms and legs, and designed with hessian cotton paws, Willy is largely inspired by the gradients of fall, and sports a checkered scarf around his neck for the colder days. He is perfected with a pair of black soulful eyes and a classic hint of a smile on his face, making him the perfect companion for any true Steiff collector.

$399 | 33cm | finest mohair, cinnamon-tipped | a 2017 limited edition of 1,031 pieces | handmade in Germany |


Here’s one bear that believes in adding magic to the air with some time-honoured music. Holding on to his beloved brass trumpet, Anton is always eager to break out in a carol as long as someone’s willing to listen. Anton comes embedded with a music box: simply crank him up and he immediately serenades the crowd with ‘The Herald Angels Sing’. One of his paw pads hint heavily of his love for music, with beautifully embroidered melody notes that match the maroon of his star-patterned Christmas bow. Anton’s luxurious antique beige mohair body and cupped ears frame the most expressive face, with large glossy black eyes and a kissable hand stitched nose to complete his beautiful vintage look.

$589 | 37cm | finest mohair, antique beige | a 2017 limited edition of 1,225 pieces | handmade in Germany |


And at final last, the piece de resistance of the collection, the Nativity Scene II, continues to recalls the miracle of Bethlehem that was first recreated by Steiff just one year ago. Led by a star about the manger, these three wise men travelled all the way from the East to adore the birth of Jesus Christ; and together with Gabriel the Archangel, completes Steiff’s original Nativity Scene that was first released last year. All four mini bears are crafted from the finest mohair, with the three Holy Kings bearing the very gifts that have been long depicted in stories of the Holy Night.

| $769 | 11-13cm, 5-way jointed | finest mohair | a 2017 limited edition of 500 pieces | handmade in Germany |


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